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09 September 2011

Can u golf?

After I done my part compiling documents, my friends ajak lunch and we head the lift together. In the lift we bumped with Mr. Mukaddimah (Bukan nama sebenar). He is around 57+, christian. Why he is called Mr. Mukaddimah? Everytime he sees me around in the department, he would catch after me and give me ceramah about what you call LIFE. Not a religious talk, not a kedai kopi talk,.. but a talk full of wisdom. Everyday he wud tangkap a mangsa and hear his talking,.. and the usual mangsa would be me. Sometimes he stories about his young age, how he become what he is now.  I do. Feel inspired by his stories. Sometimes I can layan him and get a chair, sit and listen. But sometimes,.. I rather do my work and give excuses. He has a fatherly character and that is one of the bosses I can approach without feeling any anxiety. Among all the CBGs, he usually like to tease me around and that makes my friend tease me more. They will say "Nya rindu ngan ko ya..". Haha. But really la... people like to tease me and that makes me feel so belonging among them.

And how it relate to the title? I didn't know that this Mr.Mukaddimah knows how to play golf. The story evolves when he treats us (kami berempat yang terserempak dgn dia dalam lift) laksa Sarawak at Kelab Golf Sarawak (KGS). I was fascinated with the place. As you know my favourite colour is green and i like the smell of grass is being cut. And I will letak air freshener either Green Tea or Morning Freshness. And green really make me feel peaceful and worship HIS making. Subhanallah! Sambil makan laksa and watch people play golf, I asked Mr.Mukaddimah lots of questions about golf sampai lah tinggal pureh2 laksa dalam mangkuk ya.. Oleh kerana it was the first time I had a chance interviewing a golfer, below are few snippets about the discussion.

Karina : How much it cost to be a membership?

Mr.M  : Back then during my time, it was as low as RM5,000. When my bro played golf, the fees rise up to RM11,000. He influenced me to sign up, but I had no interest. Later, golf caught my attention and I sign up for the membership with RM17,000 for lifetime. (My friend and me went....pergh.....)

Karina : (Thinking smartly) Okay, so if we (pointing the four of us) want to play golf, without membership.. how much it cost us?

Mr.M  : If u come here and play, it will cost u around RM200+ sekali main.

Karina : Best juak keta ya Mr.M, keta apa ya?

Mr.M   : That one we call BUGGIE. (I was.. aww... so cute the name) You can sewa that around RM26 per round trip. 

Karina : To become a golfer, u must buy a golfer's set. How much full beg penuh ngan sticks ya?

Mr.M   : You know my friend got this habit setiap kali main, he will wipe his sticks we call strokes. I tanya him, he replied "You know.. this set was a gift from somebody and it cost RM33,000" (Mata kami sudah membulat) 

Karina : (Makin itok..) Biar bena Mr.M?! Paling murah ka?

Mr.M  : No lah. The cheapest you can found is ranging between RM1,500  to RM5,000.

Karina : Does it include the ball too? 

Mr.M : Nope! It is sold separately. For a good brand, the price of the ball could reach RM26 each. E.A.C.H! Everytime masuk kolam, menangis la u hilang begitu saja.

Karina : Aigoo.... no used ball ka Mr.M? (Thinking of a shuttle cock, wpun hilang bulu still masih dapat dimain)

Mr.M  : Got. They will sell it around RM2. BUt of course you hit it not really umph.. Because the ball was dented (tebik) after hit so much.. The more pro u are, the less ball u bawa lah. 

Karina : How about the shoes? Is there any special shoes like the footballer shoes that is meant for GRASS only?

Mr.M : Of course lah. Even you jogging also u need designated shoes  for joggings. Golfer shoes usually RM250+.. Depend on what brand.

Karina : (Geleng kepala for 2nd time) 

Kak Lin : Gney Tiger Woods o... For professionals, does the strokes got different kepala? I mean the bentuk?

Mr.M   : Usually the professionals get their sticks go custom made. They measure the ketinggian badan, berat hayunan, and kualiti apa semua. (Aku plak imagine Chong Wei perlu custom made dia punya raket ke?) Custom made memang mahal la. But apa la sangat kalu nak di compare dengan earning beliau. You get what i mean?

Karina : (Menghabiskan sisa laksa)... THE END.

Hahaaha. CAN YOU GOLF??

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she_mah said...

woooo.... patut lah orang madah golf game orang kaya. mampu main game golf lam pc jak lah.