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10 August 2011

Printed name, reality person

Salam masyuk,

In my previous post, I did say that I went travelling to Asap town and looks like its gonna be my last travelling with my cool peeps from Tingkat 12. I had officially moved to Tingkat 5 and attached under different supervisor, because of rotation system. All I want to say, I enjoy travelling so much especially when you are covered.. and spend less on logistics. A golden opportunity that I would not want to miss!A rare experience is gained, networking expanded and my mind bloged even more. I got the big agencies focal person's number and local artists too. Also met Major Faiz (the 2nd astrounut) Hey.. I was surprised that one of the officer I am dealling was actually my great2 senior which I never thought of mee her in person... only knew by the name printed on the thesis cover. And it took me some days to itok because her name is soO familiar in the back of my mind. The mystery solved when we had a discussion and cerita itu melelat sampai you-know... For example, "Where did u study?".. "What course you take?"... followed by " Me here, me there".. then another responded "Ey,... I also.. practical there". The discussion continue melelat sampai I teringat her name again... and I mencelah "Was it YOU who did a thesis dot-dot-dot?"... Then PAP!! Then tetiba feeling that UiTM dihatiku. Really dihatiku. Hahahaha... Yala, we belong in the same factory bha~ Haigo! Only then terasa that bond strengthen. The world is so small. :)


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