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10 July 2011

Travelling to Bintulu and Sg. Asap (part 2)

Sapa2 yang ada mengikuti perkembangan di bawah sudah tentunya berahi mau baca ini part 2. Okay, ikuti butirannya.

Tarikh 7/7/11 was remarkeable day bcoz first time pegi ke ulu pedalaman. Bertolak awal kerana Bintulu ke Sg. Asap memakan masa 2 jam lebih. Tidak sempat breakfast, hanya teguk mineral water. Mujur Abg. S ada beli karipap dan popia. :) Perjalanan agak bumpy i can say because of the big tonne lorry damaged the road. Ada yang lubang besar tayar, lagi menakutkan lori balak ulang alik.

Fewh, after less than 3 hours stuck my butt and i have my neck pain the ass... i finally arrived at Sg. Asap. U can see a very small town and wonder the post office only have 3 to 4 sits for their clients. Small office for balai police pendek kata everything kongsi in one lot of shophouses. While u limpas2,... one thing u wil be surprize. The small stesen minyak in their own kampung way. Only one or two mini pump available. U also would bbe surprised that most of the villagers own Hilux or Triton. Pergh.... Nang hebat.

I attend a meeting with all parties that involved in Program Penggalakan Sains dan Teknologi (P.P.S.T)... And there will be another meeting set on different date later. Balik ke resthouse.... leput. Today very tired with meetings which ended at 6.30pm. And we were really hungry.

Pada 8/7/11 pula, we did our own discussion involving our Jabatan only. And we enjoy our lunch at Soto Nor cafe there.At the evening, we went to one of the Uma there to meet with the host. It was an enjoyable evening with the head of kpg and I get to taste the Jagung susu. Tuak also was served and they pour it in a small cangkir. to tell u the truth, I'm a bit gelisah about it. Apparently, I can't drink that one because it is against my religious belief. It was hard for me to reject it nicely when lots of old saying says you sumtimes have no choice. But, as long as I can reject it, I'll try. I hope they can respect dat too. They are forgiven. I asked my boss to drank it on my behalf. (Thanks to you boss!)

On the 9/7/11, I get a chance to see the new building of SMK Bakun. It was newly constructed.

And half of the day, we spent at Dewan Serbaguna Asap. We associated with the Jabatan Tenaga Kerja or in simple words "Jobs Malaysia". But, our mission is to catch school leavers and do  research analysis on it. Next, we went to Uma Lebu Kulit to find somebody.

And that somebody's house have a collection of the so-called Parang Patah. Sik tauk juak kenak pande digelar parang Patah indah. Below are the pictures that can impress you more than my wordings.

Serupa cam rambut Agnes tocang satu atas kepala.

 I must not missed out to have my picture ngegeh taken with the natives there. This is Akek.. means nenek in Kayan. :P (Right Agnes?)

Fewh, on the 10/7/11 which is today,  gambar latest tok.

I will be back to Kuching. Must meet syemah 1st. Hug.. hug. Hehee.. While tunggu syemah ajak kuar, sempat gik menyibuk di blog. K folks. Hope u enjoy my wonderful story.


AmirFX said...

wahh.. Best dapat g tempat org jauh2 kedak ya.. Lamak dah kmk sik pergi tempat cemya... Nway, kmk konfius juak kenak sidak gelar ya parang patah... Kali boleh dipatah kakya disambung balit..

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