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10 July 2011

Travelling to Bintulu and Sg. Asap (part 1)

Hye readers, I'm grateful enough as I had given a chance  to express my excitement on Bintulu trip n road to Sg. Asap today here. Its my pleasure to tell u how excited I am when I got a rare chance to go to Sg. Asap. Its not a chance that u wouldn't miss although u go there to handle your programs. Well, to tell you exactly what I my feelings are, come closer so I can share with u.

At Airport Kuching
My flight was scheduled at 11.30AM and I came by early to drop my luggage bag and have it checked in. No worries. Since I still have more time before depart, Tini and I enter  KFC restaurant and had ourselves Bubur McD each for breakfast.  It costs us RM5.90 excluding tax. Then we were told a news that was not a blessing for us. Rescheduled at 1.15PM. (Sigh) Continue to telan bubur yang ku rasakan "Sejak bila KFC pun ada bubur?". Dah makan baruk sedar! Hm.. Next, our colleague stopped and meet us both. He told us that those ticket can be reprinted with new schedule and got himself free KFC snack plate coupon as complementary for the delays. Haish. Tini and I ckp.. "Laa, klu tahu delay and dapat mknn free sik lelah kua blanja".  hm... Sik puas ati tetap mau claim. Last2 DAPAT! Bahagia dapat tapau free. hehe.

Dah settle everything tek,... nunggu la kat waiting hall bersama KFC tapau in hand.. Ya juak dijanjikan 1.15PM tapi delay gik.Around 1.30PM gia bertolak. Muka org dah berkerut2. Hm.. Mcm2.

At Airport Bintulu
Ahah, ada masalah pulak dengan transport yang sepatutnya di reserved is Pajero, but the one we get is pick up yang sekda twincab. Sorang kena duduk blakang bersama bagasi and stuff. Supposely that pickup is not suitable for Sg. Asap road condition...... and we argued and blamed the car dealer for breach of contract. We won, and we get no pajero,.. but the old pickup (twincab) that can stand the bumpy road. Lamak dah sik masuk flight, hoping dat my ears can withstand the.. u know, how do u called it.. sumtimes can affect your hearings. I know  about the unbalanced liquid in your ears, but this one is about frequency yang bingit ya. Sik mok ku dengar sumthing yang mcm drum ear nak pecah jak ya. Haish. Have you ever encounter that? Sambil2 dok lam keta kena berhimpit kat depan (that pickup can occupy 3 passenger in front seat), I contact ngn kwn Bintulu. Masyuk! They gv gud response. Thanx.

Riverfront Inn
We stayed here. Masuk dalam, kacak juak hotel tok. Cuma sekda petais in the room. But ada astro STARs movie, hairdryer,.. nice la. Blik mandi pun nice. Got air pancit dari toilet bowl ya. Hahaha. Asal ktkorg jangan terkejut jak kena pancit like scene "You're Beautiful" from Korean series ya. Setengah jam kemudian, kak H ajak raon2 jalan kaki. Terlampau excited la ya. Gik penat tok, alu di mbak jalan. So far, i can see most shoplots around here more or less like u seen at MJC Kuching. Kedak yala rupa kede2 ya. Limpas pasar tamy Bintulu,.. I spotted lots of premature mangos there. Musim kot. Lagi la terliur kakak ya membeli cencaluk k cecah ngn mempelam ya. And bought ourselves mineral bottle. Haus.

Tanjung Batu
Thx to syemah, the one I can trust to bring me raon2 here. She picked me up in front of the loby and directly go to her house. I never thought syemah really can drive manual car. Surprise but act cool. Takut kembang hidungnya lak. Met Amirul, her nephew. S0o cute and hensem boy. Aiyo, kecik2 chinese look. Syemah hidangkan minuman petang and I talked to her parents. Heehee.. Then, syemah pun start driving and we ahead to Tanjung Batu. I can't remember well the road that I once went to Tumbina long time ago so syemah
pointed to where it was. At Tanjung Batu, we click2 and smile with her baby boo. :) Aku telah menjadi model bagi Brand Canon. Ngaa~

Jalan-jalan cari makan at Shamims Cafe
Syemah again picked me at 8pm along with her sister. My rummate, Kak H sudah berderok tidur. I dah ajak pada mulanya but she insisted. So, i snip out quietly after she again insisted for 2nd round. Ordered nasi goreng ... er, sik ingat namanya.. we talked not much because enjoy the food. Thanks syemah for the great day. :) I owe u for the great hospitality.

Pasar malam Bintulu
I was told by Syemah that this pasar malam was opreating every night, unlike in Satok, Kuching. Even Agnes recommended me to go there to have a look and compare. But, it seems that I have so little time to discover it myself.  Kak Hennie was awake and rang me that she's hungry. Syemah brought me there. Only bought Long John Kebab for her. Finally arrived in the hotel, she was planning to go out because she wants something hot to fill up her stomach. I just accompany her at downstair's restaurant and get myself a Chinese tea. I cant stand her nagging and complaining about the office. Haish.. Juz eat your food up. Im so0 tired.Sudahlah minta beli Long John, aku pulak yang kena habiskan sebab she rejected not put up her appetite. Terbang duitku.

Oh, sudah lama sik social networking.. sejak broadband sik hidup lekak molah thesis. Hehe. Bergasak minta password kat lobby. Finally i can satisfy my own leisure time while that kakak sambung tidur. I know I have a trip to sg. Asap the next day but I know this is the only time I can with the internet access. While facebooking, Syemah and Agnes are the one that stays loyal to their friend  when you are alone.

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