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01 April 2011

Pelanduk can be serupa sometimes.

 Have you seen how pelanduk looks like?

 (hensem kan saya?)

I never saw pelanduk in front of my own eyes. But there's a story I want to share with you guys.. 

One morning, I drove myself to office using Agnes's car. (I sleepover at their house the night before) 
Secara sik langsung, aku jadi driver.  
Penumpang setia ku, Artea and Agnes was ready to took off to work and its my responsibility to send them right to main gate. 
That morning we were a bit late and did the rest of make up touch up thingy in the car. Agnes resah gelisah when she forgot her.... MAKE UP case.
She felt uneasy without her cosmetic precious case for A DAY. 
Hm.. sorry, we just can't make a U-Turn otherwise we are late. I stopped her for nagging like an old grandlady. Heehe. She told me that she has a seminar to attend and guess what, she will be MC for Pocket Talk Seminar. Pergh.. Sorry lady, still a BIG CAPITAL N.O = NO NO. (Jari runcing main peranan menidakkannya) :P Follow her order will get myself a red punch on my attendance card. I told her to pinjam Artea's, but Artea need it too for lunch hour later. (sigh) 
Girls really cannot do anything without cosmetic. It was just me who accepting the real natural beauty of myself. Hahaa. (Nak muntah!) 
Hm, few options were suggested; use your colleagues punya la! She just keep quiet. 
But continue nag in her heart. It was 5pm, she continued to find her case and insist that it was left at home. Finding her case is the number ONE mission after reaching home like Misi Mencari Harta Karun.
Artea and me, on the other hand was really thinking hard.
It was reported LOST at first but finally found in........ my laptop bag. Huh? All this while it was me carrying your cosmetic case?? And it travels while we were heading to the office together. 
If i knew, i could just hand it over to u when u claimed yourself forgotten. How it can be inside...? (Blur...) Amik detective coat, pasang magnifying glass.


Look what I've found?




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