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18 March 2011

Soalan bergerak

Soalan bergerak.. haha.  I wanna variasikan my tajuk. Hm..
Anything came across your mind when u read this title?

Hi Friday, I'm so blessed when my HR manager was not around. She took her leave.
Phewh.. and then, my operasi berjalan. Mengedarkan questionnaire.
Tak ke soalan bergerak nama tu? Hee hee.
Sorry HR Manager, I hv to break the rule once.
Being budak skema as practical student kinda "janggal" for me.
I have to limit myself and I don't like for who I am. Becoz I now I have GOOD personalities in interacting with people. And there comes my smile with lesung pipit attraction. Nah, YOU SEE.
I got positive responses from your admin and finance staff,.. even the PENGARAH too. They are glad to participate in answering my questionnaire. Pengarah sendiri cakap, "Hantar jak ke bilit I, lak I tolong isi". (Hatiku berbunga bila dia sendiri offer nak isi) How come you limit my target group? You see it from your view as staff in department, ckp admin n finance department sik relevant to give response to my questionnaire. But I view them as a buyer and purchaser of product. In other words, consumers. They have income and they go shopping of course. Balit kerja sikkan sik meli barang bah. Haish. Ngenang kawu HR Manager, as a courtesy of respect jak ku approach ko riya minta izin mok edarkan ques. Mun sik, nama kampus ku jaik.

Sama ya juak mun kta bertenggek kat shopping mall, you still duno their background and randomly chose them. Lagi susah if they are unemployed, sikkah effect your targeted respondent. Sudah lah kena tanya sorang2.  Be intelligent, and save time. I am very sarcastic at my own time. HAAAISHH.. Tempa juak palak jadi researcher.


wa khairul onggon said...

Blogger sik boleh jadi responden ktk kah? hehe.. Gud luck ngan research ktk ya :)

karina said...

BOleh! Minta email ktk! :)