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26 December 2010

Sambut Xmas : Maludam or Kuching?

Unofficial said by Mr. J regarding on Maludam trip last Friday. He was just asking without any letter of approval for me to confirm it again with my friends and family. After the meeting was commenced on Friday morning, I finally knew the result that.. my name was not mentioned during the meeting! Yeay, Kuching here I come. I will execute what I've planned before. If the trip was cancelled, then I will be celebrating Xmas with Agnes and friends! Agnes does not know the latest story, so I plan to play a prank on her. But it didn't turn out to be what I'm expected as the result was really twisted after Aton and Artea "palat" me. Bleh pula mereka bertiga head to MJC and went to karaoke. 

After I knew the trip to Maludam was cancelled, I rang Artea that I'll be at their home for Christmas eve. Artea understand and agree on my plan.My plan was; I 'll come to their house around 10.30pm and Aton would open the main door for me. I've told Aton to stay alert on my msgs. At 10.20pm, I was on my way to their house. While I was on my way, I've received bad news! Aton said they were going out. Haish. Feel so angry with Aton and Artea because I've told my plan before. So, a U-Turn for me. Dah siap pakai selua tido dah. Balik umah tgk Anugerah Skrin lagi baik. Merajuk la kejap. Atone said it was her bad and she will think of reasons to let Agnes pick me up. Do you know what they told Agnes? 

"Nad ada pesan ngan adiknya, ada present pakei ko Nez! Jom gi umahnya"

Hahaha.. That was their reason. Walhal, nak pegi fetching me up. Bila mereka dah sampai, I was told by Aton to tuka my seluar tido to jeans. Bila nak tarik pintu kereta, Agnes lock me from inside. Haha. Guess she knew that she was on prank. Later, she let me in her car and sik sah sik kenak cubit and tumbuk. Adoi~ Sorry Nez, haha. It is not you the only one who got pranked, me too. Artea and Aton had prank on us. Haish. So our first destination was not straight to home. Agnes drove us to McD kat Triangle area. :) (I called it triangle area because it is in the centre of Riverside, Sarawak Plaza and Tun Jugah) Only had  french fries and cola sambil bercerita. Hehe. Seeing Agnes happy face with friends does make her happy this year's Christmas. She once told me that she always spend her Christmas alone before in hostels. ALONE. 
Glad u were happy!

From left: Agnes and Artea.

Let's take ur pembaris and sukat her smile. Can you see her BIG SMILE on Christmas eve? Actually, it's already Christmas because the clock has striked midnight. 

From left : Aton and me.

Merry Christmas to friends. :) 

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xnez said...

Thnx for being with me.. thnx for xmas gift. it really a gift, big smile for u...