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07 December 2010

Mr.H, silalah check~

Seminggu ku praktikal sudah berlalu, yet my supervisor still doesn't have time to check on my log book. Do you know what log book is? Log book is a type of book which require practical students to fill their daily nature of work inside it. For example; my Wednesday dated 1st December is filled in with short briefing from Puan R, introducing myself to staff around and reading related materials on my post. So, it has been like 6 days past and reached 3 and a quarter pages. Yurp, i worked 6 days continuously without having break for a DAY. Awal Muharram had save me! Boy, I can enjoy my so-called holiday. It's not my fault, I have reminded him before. I even called him whether he is available in the office. I accepted his reasons for being somewhere but at least he rang me when he arrived at the office. Haiya.. I felt REALLY dissatisfied when I spotted him at the ground floor coincidently. He asked what is log book? (Hey Mr.H, didn't I tell you before? I've explained everything. Like you've never handled any practical student before!) I again humbly explained and luckily he knows how to nod. And a reply with word "Later!" ONLY. This week I'll make sure he will sign. Mr.H,  mun dapat ku azan tinga ktk sak ktk sign. Pleeeasee.. this is MY MARK I'm talking about.

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