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06 December 2010

First week settle!

Glad to have it stopped right after 1pm on Sunday afternoon. Yeay... first week seems to be quite intense for a practical student because I non-stop visiting work sites. First at Matang. Next is at Demak Laut. Then, Surabaya. Until Agnes had notice that my skin was a bit tanned than before. No good. Bad news. For two weeks plus I'm sitting at home bertapa mengelakkan kulit dijemur.. and it was a waste of effort. Huhu. But I enjoyed my site visitings because it made me active rather than just sitting under the aircond with sleepyhead in the office. There is not much thing to do while you are in the office except you are exploring floor to floor and meet the staffs. I'm planning to ask and probe questions on them about the existence of the department but I'll do it slowly. No need to rush. Nanti takde bende nak cakap. Four months plus man! Althought I had been attached to Fruit stall unit, my supervisor allows me to get into other department as well whenever there are activities going on. It seems that I'm pretty well adapt to the environment because of my friendly attitude. Not to say soO friendly like Has, she is way toooOO friendly. She can keep a lot of friend whenever she laugh so cuddly. hahaha. Lemak2 sound too. Me? I am good at smiling. My biggest asset is lesung pipit bak kata Agnes. Show it Karina! Smiling is sedekah what! Since the first week has settled down, I thought of having reunion with classmates.. but it seems everybody's action speaks louder than words. In my mind, we could share among interesting stories of our first week and you know.. it has been awhile since I didn't hear their laughter. Sheesh.. just keep imagine Karina. In your dreams. It is fine with me then. They will find you later on. Just pray that I have FREE time in my schedule. Because I might be travelling away.. even on weekends. Adios.

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AlinDeThoughts said...

lemak2 huh? hahah~ :) malu ku kau pdh cmya~ *wink*