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22 December 2010

Aku tengok wayang best!

One of my wishes to meet my cool buddies has been granted. Thank you Allah~ I really miss the times we had together when we’re still in the campus. Now, the time since to be soO jealous due to work commitment and members became lessen. Not all can attend the outings.

= = 15 December 2010 = =

Alesia, Fiona, Agnes and me went out together and we decided to watch NARNIA : The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Alesia really wanted to watch it.  Head to Star Cineplex at Medan Pelita, we entered into one lift that gives us Goosebumps.  The lift brought us to Tingkat 9. To our horror, despite level 9 should bring us to Star Cineplex, we only saw dark when the lift door was opened. Pergh.. I was standing next to the door truz pandang Alesia and Fiona. Don’t want to see the dark. In my mind, I’ve already imagined Ju-On crawling from the dark with “Aak..aak” sound and grab my leg with its slimy hand. Choi. We’ve finally realized that the lift we took was the wrong one. So, we went to another lift at the opposite parking lot.  They should have put a notice there. Luckily, there are the other four who were in the same boat as us. Narnia movie was indeed full of joy because it made me laugh all way. Thanks to Eustace. He is very funny!! I can say my RM5 was worth it! Nangga Prince Caspian ya aduuuuh! Gugok biji mata. Hensem na juak eh. Macho da jak nya, berambut hitam panjang. Ciri-ciri laki idaman ya. Hhaaha.

= = 21st December 2010 = =

It’s pretty cool that Christmas is just around the corner. My kaki wayang friends; Alesia, Fiona and Agnes has put their thought to watch movies again before they off to their hometown celebrate Christmas. Alesia and Fiona wanted to catch up with the latest series of Harry Potter (HP), but Agnes and me decided to watch TRON. Alesia and Fiona gave up to HP due to no tickets available with the time screened for Tron. Watching Tron really make my mouth go “WOW!” because I love all the gadgets and neon suit. Except for the disc they attached on their back, it seem to be bothering to whoever want to go to sleep. It’s like their own life. Your life would be in danger if you put your disc MENGAREI aka BERAYAN. In other words, MERATA-RATA. Salute for the unthinkable imagination!! Soo creative! Motosikal rugged abis! I love the hair of Quorra. Agnes loves her eyeliner. Alesia felt really cold until she really berkumbu with selendang. At first, she sit straight and her shoulder is same level as me. Half hour later, she sudah duduk2 malas and paras shoulder semakin menurun. The last time i turn, I saw her already jadi mumia with no head. Haha. Hampir experience another paranormal. To all who have not watch this movie, the movie was a bit slow. Tapi ktkorg sik rugi nangga aksi lawannya main cakera padat. Mengalahkan DJ. Haha. DJ gesel2kan disc jak, dak tok berolah gik, main tikam2 disc. Don't try this at home.

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