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14 November 2010

What is the most important part of pizza? (25M)

The title above is  how the questions will be asked during the finals. So, below is Karina's answer in getting 25 Marks plus bonus pictures. The tips are.......hey just read and don't try this at home. Try this ONLY at Pizza Hut! Hehe.

As a student who is majoring in business related field, it is important to implement market strategy consist of segmenting, targeting and positioning. Pizza Huts has positioned well in the consumers mind that its strongest point is CHEESE. We usually see people enjoy eating pizza by grabbing pizza and have trouble in lifting it up the portion of pizza from its original state. Watching those commercial ads makes me crave for pizza immediately. Can somebody please call 1-800-88-2525. Toot..tooot..

One day, syemah texted me to accompany her to Pizza Hut. Eih, rezeki ni. Jangan ditolak. "YES!". So, 10th November 2010 was the glory day for syemah because she finally ended her final paper for her Degree course. But mine was not. Anyway, still I need space to occupied my mind away from Final paper and landed at Pizza Hut. You can find many type of Pizza under one roof. >_+ You've got to see the latest promotion of Pizza Hut.

One beautiful lady dressed in red uniform approach us and took our order. We ordered Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza and we were told to wait for 17 mins.. We were both soO hungry at that time... Can't wait to feel the presence of cheese melt on our tongue. It was such a TORTURE with the stomach dung cheng dung cheng inside like a "concert". 

While waiting for the order to arrive, we share the common problem faced by students about how tough was the question papers. Was it in the same structure like how the previous semester's questions paper or not? The ambient was fine. We even shared our wild imaginations like how the 6 Cheese appears to be on the toppings. The 6 Cheeses contains Parmesan, Mozzarella, Romano, Cheddar, Provolone and Monterey Jack. It was kind of exciting to know different types of cheese as I only knew few of these which are Mozzarella and Cheddar. Pizza Hut educates me indirectly. That's GREAT! And at last, the mentioned pizza has arrived and it looks like this. Stay close but don't get too closer. It was a meant only for Syemah and me. Ahaha.. You want it, u order it.

MAGNIFICO! Aiyai..yai..  it was a Masterpiece! Feel indulged? EXTREEEEMEELY gets my mouth watery. So lets test how well the cheese extremely attached to the pizza. This is a genuine test taken by two experts from Kota Samarahan. 

A  perfect combination of 6 cheeses will get a total result as seen as above. 
Klu masuk Ripley's Believe it Or Not, mesti unbelievable
Hm..syemah, what's next?? Apalagi.. 

"Satu untuk syemah... LIMA untuk aku!"
 Haha. Acah je. Jangan marah ye kak Syemah. 
I'm totally crazy for Cheese! 

Smooth Criminal. I can only thing about the cheese bite. So yummy! You've got to try it yourselves. My mind was totally shut down for the next day paper "Internet Marketing" held on the 11th November 2010. Well, that can be catched up later. (Klu Mdm I baca nie, confirm dia bercekak pinggang di sana)

And the last pice is for syemah to finish it up. Go Syemah.. 
I know your stomach still have some space to fill in again.

Orang cakap "Gambar membawa 1001 makna". Jadi, inilah pengalaman PALING bermakna I encounter with CHEESE! Thank you. (Amacam, cukup tak 25 Markah? Dalam 1001 makna tu bleh dapat lagi banyak markah tau!) Orite! Before I ended my post.. I would say,

"I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!"



xnez said...

I like the way ur face look at the pizza.. Gelojoh! haha...

AmirFX said...

Ya boknya makan... Incredible hulk nangga mestinya jeles sebab ktk lebih ganas gik darinya.. haha...

karina said...

Xnez: Gelojoh? Haha. Crazy for Cheeese!!

AmirFX: Incredible Hulk sik makan pizza,. Haha! Nya ganas ngn orang jak. :P

Cik Ima said...
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karina said...

cik Ima: Hai. 1st time singgah ka? Wekam2..Ne cukup ya.. K tapau. Haha

she_mah said...

pizza kuning keemasan.. wait n see!! ;)