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02 October 2010

Pantang begini tapi terpaksa

How it feels like when your heart bleeds direct or indirectly by someone who you are trying to understand with. The person of I'm talking about is "friend(s)". When someone try to stab a knife to your heart, especially those who you are trusting with. I can say that I'm very sensitive when it comes to this matter.

Trying to understand someone is difficult because they can do unexpected things in another day. Assignments, tests, financial, performance, family, COUPLES, friends or foes are variables to this. Making fun out of me to the certain extend especially with names also might hurt although your mind keep pushing your body that they ain't perfect too. They too should be grateful of what they have. Especially with names. Every name is like a doa for you. Although it came from a small matter, but only certain things I can tolerate. I'm not a type of person that goes mad easily with friends. And i think I played a different role on stage when I'm in campus. I will let out my anger at home rather than keeping quiet at hostels and slowly it burst like volcano. But apparently, my quarrel only lies with silence. No communication at all with "that" person for several days until "that" person express his/her guilty one day. Well, I normally forgive his/her one day after quarrel but sometimes reminiscing of something make u to think twice again.

"When I dislike, I'll warn. If I keep silence, you should wonder your actions" or you shall lost my smile.. FOREVER until you identify your mistakes.


AlinDeThoughts said...

Sabo Nad..sabo...nya terlepas kali.. *peace no war*

she_mah said...

sama la..mun kat umah senang jak mrh. mun ngan kwn2 payah sikit nak marah.hati org kenak jaga.but, i'm glad to have happy go lucky friends around me,never make me tension..sebab mun kt umah, ko xkan rasa suasana happy2 ya.

kenak perkataan COUPLES ya huruf besar? yer..dah ada gerek lam diam..hehehe ;p

karina said...

COUPLE? Especially for those yang emo2 pasal couple tapi tempias ada rah kita. Itu maksudku. Haha..