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10 October 2010

Feeling oldies

Everybody is getting more excited as we were finally able to attend the most prestigious dinner for pre-graduates students on 8/10/10. Since the date of the Marketers event has been shifted from 2/10/10 to 9/10/10, our group can attend two dinners in a row. Wow, really have to pick up nice dress for those nights and it requires... MONEY. the day had come. It was the first time I step my foot on BCCK and the rest were SAKAI too.  It was a great evening because we were treated like the royal kings. Aiseyman, walhal cara serve sama aja dong. Macam pesta makan-makan bersama2 all the royals around the globe sebab malam tu.. serius! Semua cantik2 and handsome2 belaka. Tributes to all.

Me, Agnes, Has, Artea, Aton and Jasmine kinda be the same product of the company started with "Z" (bukan nama sebenar) because all of us has 'busut' aka sanggul on us. It made us look soO elegant yet older. Probably not older, that is not an appropriate word to describe it. Perhaps 'matured' would be nicer to hear. Otherwise, I get surrounded by all the datins in M'sia. haha. Everybody satisfied. Faz, Has's boyfriend get a chance to be the nominees for the best male dress. He looks so P-Ramlee when he decorated his songkok with brooches on. Like a person who want to go for akad nikah too. When they both be united, seriously like P-Ramlee and Saloma.

I'm not really enjoy my eating because I had a terrible headache worrying about the next Marketers event. I just ate small portion of each food served and I do felt "Oh, ruginya!". And then came one guy as waitress serving another dishes made me wonder. After searching for him in my databases (mind), I finally locate him somewhere in the middle of neurons. Oh, it was Patrick. My old primary schoolmate. The world is so small. It had been 8 years since I last saw him in high school. Had the highest passion to ask but the little courage to actually tegur him, I make a game with Agnes. Dare to ask? The answer was YES! YES! Finally, I dare to ask his name whether it was really "Patrick"? He noded. Luckily he remembered me still. :P

I also get to shake hands with the VIP guest coincidently because the real purpose to get back at end hall was to greet the lost island of Marketers back there. Their tables were situated far from us but it was strategically located to the main entrace where VIP comes in and out of the ceremony. Hehe. The sangguls were paid off because it does make others to see me twice. They hardly believe that it was me. I LIKE!

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wa kaljis said...

aihh.. menakah ktk bersanggol ya tek? hehehe... Caknya koh..