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16 October 2010

Bila buku sudah khatam, maka cuti pun tiba.

Sapa suka ari Jumaat? Aku rasa byk orang lam klaz dah tak tahan lagi menyembah laptop atas reason assignment. Semua sanggup tahan menyembah bila kemaruk FB ja.. dan tidak lupa juga berblogging. Aku pun dah lama menunggu saat2 menghabiskan sesi kelas kerana tidak tahan berzombie sekian lama. Lama tidak disuntik dengan ubat penenang menyebabkan kegiatan berzombie berleluasa. Buku pun sudah dikhatam officially by lecturers, but not by me. Kerana itulah, aku harus membuahkan effort dengan lebih konsisten supaya final exam kali ini aku dapat score lagi. Demmit! Performance aku tersangatlah menurun, jauh turun kerana sudah hanyut dan often get distracted. Aku jenis yang susah nak buat 2 kerja lam satu masa, klu boleh.. lepas satu dulu. Baru bleh pergi seterusnya. Risau ni.. byk test aku gagal.Kena berusaha lebih! Aja aja Karina! Gap yang panjang harus digunakan sebaik mungkin. Moga2 mendapat berkat apa yang aku belajar selama ini. Cuti ini juga dapat buat aku lebih focus terhadap subjek tanpa menghiraukan deadline assignment segala. Fokus dengan tenang tanpa gangguan. Itu dinamakan pertapaan.

Marketers Club Dinner

Masquerade theme was the toughest decision made by the Part 5 as the organizer for Marketers Dinner event. It is because the selections were based on shifting the mind set of associating corporate attire with marketers. The organizer wants this dinner to be  more creative for individuals on how they would personalize themselves as well as in conjuction with the dinner talk on projecting the right image. If the dinner was themed "Masquerade" so, follow the theme and be one. Before the dinner, most students felt they can't find the right suit for Masquerade and it is hard to find the mask. 

However, it was quite extraordinary when someone can even have their face painted and that should be a compliment. Most students came with the same core mask that we can found in Boulevard. And guess what, they can put their most creative ideas by decorating it with other kinds of feathers, cottons, glitters and many more. It was a fantastic night because our dinner was attended by 13 lecturers that is remarkeble in the history of BBA Marketing. Actually the real figure was 15, unfortunately two cannot make it to our dinner. 

How was it felt being the emcee for that night? Well, it was the second experience after the Consumerism seminar conducted and this one really makes me shivered to death as all my adrelines went up down and I had a terrible headache before the dinner starts. My mood went up wrong because I know I did less preparation with my partner because we were occupied by THINGS. Just put all the blames on me. Since our group was so busy to catch up on other things and dinner was on the bottom list to commit, we confronted a number of problems before 9/10/10 comes. There were more lecturers to be invited at last minute call by Mdm R  to the dinner exceeding 10 quotas which 5 more added to the group. Agnes was appointed to be AJK Publisiti continues to be panda bear doing the invitation card for the whole morning, humblely asiding the test at 8am in the same morning. AJK Transport had troubles to deal with top management and the person in charge of buses that always come out with lame excuses. The tentative program for that night always being altered because if games were executed, it was going to be a long EVENING. Me as emcee facing troubles with my partner because our free time does not complement each other time.

That night I entered the ball room as a top model  with a small crown on. Themed purple with black boots on, I approached my team members who were busy on  their agendas. At first I was not too nervous because we occupied ourselves an early photosession with arrived guests. As the clock is ticking, only then I can feel more butterflies in my stomach. During the night, my mouth glued and it was hard for me to speak naturally like what I used to before. Maybe formality of the dinner makes me even more nervous. I really think I need to put my mask on to cover my fault. There are few small mistakes did by emcees that night and it really teaches us some lessons not to repeat it again. From the smallest mistakes as forgot to introduce our names for being emcees that night.. seriously. Followed by shitted up with a series of last minute notice by the team members making us confius to make important announcement. The music were not in the right tune. Really screwed that night. Even worsen, I got someone hurted by my actions due to uncontrol emotions. BUt i have settled with 'em. I ended up my night with crying silently in the bus while on the way reaching to hostel. I really appologize for what went wrong that night and I can't forgive myself either.Thank you Agnes! You made me smile after we reached hostel. 
I was scared to open fb account which all deadliest comments will be post right after the dinner. Apparently there were no negative comments being posted even from the seniors. I felt glad!! Looks like the whole evening were filled up with joy and tears performed by each part and also to the part 6 students who have ended their industrial training officially today. We were motivated by speech made by Miss Apple Green  on behalf of part 6 students. I guess that all the mess done by the organizer are swept away silently into the river flow.. (Hoit! Kang kejap lagi kena tegur oleh si Karam Singh kerana pollute river. Hahah!) I don't feel like be emcee again one day because it made me to pretend to somebody else and formality is just not-so me. However, I'll work it up because marketers must be professional and nampak segak jak guna blazer. Sooner, I have to adapt myself with formality because I am going to have my practical training next semester. Btw, thank you to Mdm R for ur msgs.. it really touches my heart. You did expressed your feelings better in written form.Polah buku jak ktk mdm. Gud2!


10 October 2010

Feeling oldies

Everybody is getting more excited as we were finally able to attend the most prestigious dinner for pre-graduates students on 8/10/10. Since the date of the Marketers event has been shifted from 2/10/10 to 9/10/10, our group can attend two dinners in a row. Wow, really have to pick up nice dress for those nights and it requires... MONEY. the day had come. It was the first time I step my foot on BCCK and the rest were SAKAI too.  It was a great evening because we were treated like the royal kings. Aiseyman, walhal cara serve sama aja dong. Macam pesta makan-makan bersama2 all the royals around the globe sebab malam tu.. serius! Semua cantik2 and handsome2 belaka. Tributes to all.

Me, Agnes, Has, Artea, Aton and Jasmine kinda be the same product of the company started with "Z" (bukan nama sebenar) because all of us has 'busut' aka sanggul on us. It made us look soO elegant yet older. Probably not older, that is not an appropriate word to describe it. Perhaps 'matured' would be nicer to hear. Otherwise, I get surrounded by all the datins in M'sia. haha. Everybody satisfied. Faz, Has's boyfriend get a chance to be the nominees for the best male dress. He looks so P-Ramlee when he decorated his songkok with brooches on. Like a person who want to go for akad nikah too. When they both be united, seriously like P-Ramlee and Saloma.

I'm not really enjoy my eating because I had a terrible headache worrying about the next Marketers event. I just ate small portion of each food served and I do felt "Oh, ruginya!". And then came one guy as waitress serving another dishes made me wonder. After searching for him in my databases (mind), I finally locate him somewhere in the middle of neurons. Oh, it was Patrick. My old primary schoolmate. The world is so small. It had been 8 years since I last saw him in high school. Had the highest passion to ask but the little courage to actually tegur him, I make a game with Agnes. Dare to ask? The answer was YES! YES! Finally, I dare to ask his name whether it was really "Patrick"? He noded. Luckily he remembered me still. :P

I also get to shake hands with the VIP guest coincidently because the real purpose to get back at end hall was to greet the lost island of Marketers back there. Their tables were situated far from us but it was strategically located to the main entrace where VIP comes in and out of the ceremony. Hehe. The sangguls were paid off because it does make others to see me twice. They hardly believe that it was me. I LIKE!

07 October 2010

Parasit! Sila pergi jauh2.. tak nak kamu lagi.

Dinner Sabtu ni sangat lah ditunggu-tunggu namun aku sudah merasai kenebesan melampau kerana selain seminar itu hari, dinner ini paling digeruni kerana melibatkan lebih ramai VIP dan muka-muka selain dari bebudak klaz. Aku disuruh menjadi emcee dan "pasangan" ku adalah Azreen pada malam itu. Oh, I'll miss to see the show far from the stage enjoying all the performances. Now, me as being emcee shall create the ambience and excitements of the show. Both of us will create and manipulate the show.

Now, I can imagine both of us on stage standing before the audience. Macam Tyra Banks nak umum sapa supermodel ke peringkat seterusnya. Disinari lampu kuning yang buat muka kami nampak lebih glemeres...fabules... marveles. Temanya adalah Masquerade dan kenalah pakai topeng. Tapi emcee diberi pengecualian. P.E.N.G.E.C.U.A.L.I.A.N!! Hhaha.. Tak perlu bazir duit beli topeng.Tapi rugilah tak join org lain guna topeng. Bolehkah aku guna topeng untuk cover muka yang cepat gabra ni??!! Dan.. yang paling UTAMA, nak hide bukan satu.. tapi dua parasit yang bertapak di muka ku ini. Sehinggakan bebudak klaz mistaken itu adalah tahi LALAT! Oh tidak.. itu bukan aku. Itu kembar si Karina. Huhu... (Mana clearasil? Mana Oxy? Mana T3?) Cis..

Sibuk sangat memikirkan tahi lalat yang existence nya punca daripada stress, sampai buat-buat lupa aku kena prepare speech untuk aku sendiri bagi menyerikan lagi majlis Masquerade. Ada cadangan macamana aku nak buat intro yang best? Cadangan anda dialu-alukan..  Terima kasih!

02 October 2010

Pantang begini tapi terpaksa

How it feels like when your heart bleeds direct or indirectly by someone who you are trying to understand with. The person of I'm talking about is "friend(s)". When someone try to stab a knife to your heart, especially those who you are trusting with. I can say that I'm very sensitive when it comes to this matter.

Trying to understand someone is difficult because they can do unexpected things in another day. Assignments, tests, financial, performance, family, COUPLES, friends or foes are variables to this. Making fun out of me to the certain extend especially with names also might hurt although your mind keep pushing your body that they ain't perfect too. They too should be grateful of what they have. Especially with names. Every name is like a doa for you. Although it came from a small matter, but only certain things I can tolerate. I'm not a type of person that goes mad easily with friends. And i think I played a different role on stage when I'm in campus. I will let out my anger at home rather than keeping quiet at hostels and slowly it burst like volcano. But apparently, my quarrel only lies with silence. No communication at all with "that" person for several days until "that" person express his/her guilty one day. Well, I normally forgive his/her one day after quarrel but sometimes reminiscing of something make u to think twice again.

"When I dislike, I'll warn. If I keep silence, you should wonder your actions" or you shall lost my smile.. FOREVER until you identify your mistakes.

Guys, you did great in seminar!

Seminar Kepenggunaan sudah berlangsung dengan jayanya pada 24 September yang lalu. Tahniah kepada group kami kerana telah memberikan kerjasama yang terbaik. Syabas diucapkan kepada cik Haslina kita selaku ketua projek kerana sanggup menerima tugas meskipun tugas tersebut sepatutnya diamanahkan kepada seseorang untuk menjayakannya.

Aku Karina yang first time memegang amanah sebagai emcee pada hari tersebut memang sangat nervous, kepala berserabut, skrip yang dipegang terketar-ketar. Percakapanku tidak selari seperti apa yang mahu disampaikan dalam otakku. Kalau lah kamu berada di tempatku.. seolah-olah semua memandang mu dengan harapan supaya "You better don't do any single of mistakes there!". Semua body language ku diperhatikan dengan jelas walaupun badanku cuma dilindungi oleh sebatang mic-stand.

Sebelum hari seminar berlangsung, aku memang tak bleh nak tido kerana kena fikirkan skrip dan pantun untuk menceriakan keadaan. Dalam kepala, risau juga kalau pantun yang dibuat ni seolah-olah memperlekehkan bahasa melayu kerana dicampurkan bahasa pasar. Namun, ku ubahkan sikit supaya tidak terlalu pasar. Risau juga tanggapan Dr. R terhadapku yang memandang tinggi akan pelajarnya untuk tidak menghampakannya. Bilikku sangat bising kerana ada tetamu khas. Otakku serius tak dapat nak fikir apa-apa melainkan kesenyapan malam. Masa yang terbaik dan otakku cergas berfungsi adalah ketika mereka semua tidur takpun mendengar headphone.

Hatiku sangat lapang setelah majlis berlangsung dengan baik dan mendapat komen positif daripada pihak penceramah akan group kami. Paling aku suka apabila uniform yang kami pakai (F1 Ungu) mendapat pujian. Pantunku disarankan untuk dijual oleh Dr. R dalam unsur gurauan. I like! Lagilah hatiku riang kesukaan. Kami menjamu selera dengan lahap dan kenyang celebrating our hardwork. Aku sayang mereka. Ntah mereka sayang aku ke tak.. Aku try menyatukan mereka semua dengan menubuhkan satu group di FB. Harapan akan mengeratkan silaturrahim sesama kami biarpun sudah bergelar graduan, mak, bapak, atuk dan nenek. Takpun pak cik dan...... mak cik! Haha. Aku tak kisah untuk melukis setiap muka2 mereka dan aku gembira mereka menghargai apa yang aku buat. Ada yang menjadikan lukisanku sebagai profile pic mereka. Aku tak kisah untuk menjadi informer segala tarikh2 yang penting seperti assignment dan sebagainya. Thank you BMB5M for making my degree moment to be more meaningful. Syemah, ko pun sik terkecuali. Hehe.