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09 December 2009

Opportunity Cost - Broadband

U know I was thinking really hard and from this morning til 5pm just now I've been asking syemah a lot about broadband. Thanks syemah for giving those info's. Well, as I thoroughly investigate and search on my own about this tiny piece of thing that can get ur asssignments done.. there are few links that give a clear view on what it is all about.

1. What do kpbs and Mbps means?
2. Celcom Packages
- Experiences
- Forum
- Pandangan
3. Maxis Packages
4. Digi Packages

** And now looks like I'll go for Celcom Broadband but still surveying for the best modem in town. Considering the price and quality.. Or should I just sign up for Broadband Basic+ Free Modem??? For student package of RM50? I am not so sure. Dahlah kat Sarawak hanya Celcom jak meluas. Nang no choice betul la.. Aiya..

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