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28 November 2009

Kereta Auto

My aunty and uncle fly to Sydney to attend a course. So, they leave their anak to us for the whole week. Sepanjang cuti mmg keja drive sajalah. My car is using Manual. And their car is Auto. Before they flew to Australia, I currently drive my mum to the office. Itupun jadi co-pilot. Sesudah hantar dia keja, I bawak keta pulang. Then at lunch hour, I pegi amik dia kat ofis. Begitulah rutin harian cutiku. After they flew to Sydney, their keta (Auto) is in my hand with fully fueled. Yes, driving an Auto car was very easy although at the beginning, my left leg when pressing the break was too sudden. Bcoz, I press it with full force like pressing the Manual Car Clush. Oh ho. So, I let my left leg rest while my right leg do the both activity (Break and Accelerate). One thing for sure, the feel is not there. Because of slow pick-up. But nevermind. For new road users like me, its good. But...... I STILL prefer manual. Hhahaha

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