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28 November 2009

Kereta Auto

My aunty and uncle fly to Sydney to attend a course. So, they leave their anak to us for the whole week. Sepanjang cuti mmg keja drive sajalah. My car is using Manual. And their car is Auto. Before they flew to Australia, I currently drive my mum to the office. Itupun jadi co-pilot. Sesudah hantar dia keja, I bawak keta pulang. Then at lunch hour, I pegi amik dia kat ofis. Begitulah rutin harian cutiku. After they flew to Sydney, their keta (Auto) is in my hand with fully fueled. Yes, driving an Auto car was very easy although at the beginning, my left leg when pressing the break was too sudden. Bcoz, I press it with full force like pressing the Manual Car Clush. Oh ho. So, I let my left leg rest while my right leg do the both activity (Break and Accelerate). One thing for sure, the feel is not there. Because of slow pick-up. But nevermind. For new road users like me, its good. But...... I STILL prefer manual. Hhahaha


Sonali is a kitten that looks like Bozo. Her mum. And Bozo came along too due to perut kembung (tak cabut stitch after neutered). Recently after I got back from the campus, she can't stop bladder (cirit merata2). So, last week I had the opportunity to drove her to the vet. Yeay! I drove to Batu Lintang. Tapi malangnya blum pandai side parking so I parked saja kat yellow line. Ahah! Lgpun that area mmg sempit and sekejap saja. Dr. tu mmg baik and muda. Lepasan UPM. He treat my cat with love. So nice to see the Dr. walaupun my cat, Sonali starts to cirit continuously mcm membentuk satu railway station the moment Dr. picit her perut. Aku sbg tuannya merasa malu a.k.a KEDE.. Nasib baik caj yg dikenakan was not so expensive. Almaklumlah, jarang pegi ke vet. The Dr. gave me Sonali's ubat kurap, ubat cacing and antibiotik + Bozo's ubat cacing. Altogether, approximately RM29. :)

22 November 2009


Recently, I am playing Fairy Godmother Tycoon, becoming a master in making potions. There's a lot of customers to satisfy and I am getting greedy earning the profits. Hey, it's a gud game I've played so far. And at 3.37am I completed the game (approximately 17 hours). Unlike matching those two pictures or three then popped, another. Repeating the same culture until the bricks falling down. Now I also getting myself busy being a farmer in FarmVille. Level 7 passed and now I still don't have many neighbours and experience to expand my biz. I want to tune my mind into business-minded. Should I read up books and business talks approching it? Yeay, Karina. A MUST!!

Outta campus, into home.

As soon as i finished the last sentence of Consumer Behavior paper ending with a final DOT, i shall say that officially it's HOLIDAY! This is the moment that awaits many students back to their lovely hometown seeing what they had left behind, unable to present the days. It's because, they are hurdling through the exam weeks. Must date with BOOKS only. And Mr. Nescafe sure is a good friend of yours.

Holiday~ I love holiday but not too much. This is the time i can winking my roomates and levelmates who haven't granted by mr. HOLIDAY, because they had last paper on the 15th. I enjoyed watching Brides War. Its about two best friends have their wed on the same day. And Wars... because... nah, try to move your cusors on the search button and find the synopsis on your own. (Malas mok explain lah. Haha) I bet, its a gud story to watch because I laugh. When I laugh, it really kicks!

Yes, time to stretch up yourself girl. My stuff keeps pushing my head to pack them and wrap them gently, especially my dear Canon printer. It's very fragile and needs a sensible touch. Afraid that the extension tube attached to the printer's catridge might fall off. All my clothes.. masyaalllah. When I had a second glance at my wardrobe, as if I could spend another sem there because the clothes were still many. Luggage mouth is open, and I feed it until it is full. Now u look very chubby.

Next day, I ride with my cuzen's bf car.. Gen 2. Can u imagine it can fit both of our things?? My pillows, printers, bakul, boxes on my right side, my kaki is between the bags. I felt as if I were a "thing" too. Her bf ask me for a movie along. I tried to say no but my cuzen insist. We watched 2012. Wow, that movie really... something. Makes my head a lil' heavy. Its because the information still loaded in my mind after the exam, i thought I might have something lighter.

My cats were meowing me when I arrived home.. Its glad to be at home. Wathing those faces of your homies pleased you better.