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25 July 2009

Cuti ku oh H1N1

Most of students sgt marah why the main campus ordered cuti for all warga UiTM. I'm tired of hearing the nags of why go cuti since last night. My roomies were naging about it including my dearest cousin but deep inside my heart, I kinda grateful that we cuti although the outcomes are big later. I think BBA Mkt has what has to be done and everyday we ARE busy. We already given assignments. What we have to do is just finish it and submit it. I think the BBA Mkt is very thankful. Thats all I want to say. Dr. V is soO scary whoh! I'm soO stressed. Now I am at home playing with cats, tampung my gigi and byk kerja I dah siap dalam satu masa. I really need those break. Its just that this cuti is soO long which I expected only 3 days only. Seminggu break ya mmg melampau.


oolawie said...

yalah koh.
mek pun tensen act ngan cuti tok
but at the same time grateful.

mr somet tuk ng memeningkan palak.
cuti is not the solution act.

virus ya will keep on coming to us.
ney pat elak.

virus come and virus go
and virus come and come some more...

bunga said...

selamat bercuti.. :)

p/s : nice pun sun, u pun nite... :)

diRa said...

mena mena seminggu cuti dah terlalu melampau. haiya -_-