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28 July 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

Special dedication to my beloved father..
Dear dad,

I am glad to have you as my father. I am sorry for all I had done which cause you a lot of trouble in raising me to become what I have become now. You always being very patient towards my childish act. My aunties complaint I used to cry non-stop makes people hardly hold me when I was a baby. Only both of you can calm me to stop crying. I remembered when I start schooling in primary 1, you stand by me waiting until the teacher entered the class room. You help me to finish my scrap book, help me to do my coconut pencil case carving for Art subject, have my lunch box ready before I went to my KAFA class. These are the evidence showing that I still remember the good old days and appreciate your belongingness.
Did you still remember you used to send me with your Kawasaki big bike? Surprisingly, until now my senior, Ymma remembered that moment when she first knew me and named us after "Ziana Zain and Awie". I miss those times. I felt very secure when holding your hands. You stayed up late to ensure my body temperature kept warm, away from cold. More importantly, you are trying VERY VERY hard to earn for your living, being self-motivated raising 7 siblings in past years.. look what they have become now. I guess, that is why you nurture us with possible ways and means, because you had face many "ragams' of manusia. You are a No.1 advisor for me, and I would introduce my future so-called husband to go through your approval FIRST. Hehe.
You know how hard I find those present for you. It is not an expensive-price item but you surely want it damnly. But I can say it is something that I had done for my dad's birthday, for which I determinely looking all over Satok Area until e-Mart looking for that deadly item.
I started my bike engine, and dozed off. Arrived at Satok building. ALONE. Wondering around in Men section for almost 2 hours, the idea is to get a present for him. In some part of Satok building, the contractors were busy installing floor tiles. So, there were not many people. My mom decided to gave him perfume because he once said that he like those fragrance. After a while, I could NOT find the perfume for him. So, I called my mom telling her that I couldn't find any. My mom said stop finding because my dad has seen the message I texted earlier to my mum "Xda pun perfume ya.." Another brainstorm while searching for other things to replace the perfume. Too bad. Has, my friend gave me some sort of ideas but it was not in budget list. If I want to purchase the casual shirt it would not meet the ISO of his preferences. Neither the color nor the design. If I buy him a pair of sandals, the same problem I would encounter again.. I don't know exactly what is his taste. I passed around the brief area. Walking passed the colorful boxers and men's brief. Oh, no no. That should be bought by my mum. Not me. So, I decided to just look for the perfume. I even walked across the bridge, searching for the perfume at Choice Food Satok there. To avail, it is hardly to find. When I crossed the bridge again, naughty boys disturb me but I just walked pass through them with no feelings. The deadliest yakuza look.
Went to Guardian Satok next to Maybank. There is a tester on the shelves but the product was not there. I even ordered one of the Guardian promoter ( a guy ) to "korek" the arrival of new stock in the boxes but nothing can be found. Very depressed now. :(
Rempit to e-mart. My last destination. This time I really rempit at Kuching Road to Matang road with high speed. Very depressed. Hoping that e-mart doesn't closed down before I really search something IN there till I can't say anything more that this wasn't my lucky day. To prove that I had been searching, really searching. When I was about entering in the shopping mart, a bunch of useless guy distrub me again. Can't they just go somewhere else..? Luckily I parked my bike between 2 cars. Overshadow my bike from their sight. What do you expect me myself at carpark in those hours? (I kinda felt very berjuang demi negara woh) At last, I find what I had been searching for. That time, without any hesitation, I grabed and purchased that treasure. I felt very hungry because I left without dinner.
That is why I think that what I did is worth for my dad's birthday. If only he knew all this... but let it remain here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 55th! Thank you for giving me a VERY nice name which I received a LOT of compliment from friends and lecturers. Even they add-in other names to make it more interesting.. I guess~. I born with that name and I will die with that name. I am proud to have your name next to my name. The older citizens know me from yours. You are the epitome of my heart, my idol of success.. will be forever. I am thankful to god for letting my father to live 55 years and ahead. I still need my dad to guide me in the future.
With love,

25 July 2009

Cuti ku oh H1N1

Most of students sgt marah why the main campus ordered cuti for all warga UiTM. I'm tired of hearing the nags of why go cuti since last night. My roomies were naging about it including my dearest cousin but deep inside my heart, I kinda grateful that we cuti although the outcomes are big later. I think BBA Mkt has what has to be done and everyday we ARE busy. We already given assignments. What we have to do is just finish it and submit it. I think the BBA Mkt is very thankful. Thats all I want to say. Dr. V is soO scary whoh! I'm soO stressed. Now I am at home playing with cats, tampung my gigi and byk kerja I dah siap dalam satu masa. I really need those break. Its just that this cuti is soO long which I expected only 3 days only. Seminggu break ya mmg melampau.

Kisah sebagai budak degree

Starting off my day as a degree student have deepen my thoughts to grab every challenging opportunity rises. During my Dip, i tried to avoid any post because I was not ready to committed any of 'em. I was elected for the Class Rep for several times, but being class rep was just part of being the despatch girl - tukang fotostat. It sounds silly yet it was the fact. I'm good at leading my brothers but I think I'm good at following others. Follow the flow~ I once became AJK Discipline but quitted half-way through. Not because I was fired, but I quit myself. Asyik nak kene tegur org "Jgn pakai seluar pendek turun bawah blok".. Tapi ketua blok sendiri mencerminkan teladan yang tidak baik kepada koloni nya. Macam mana itu? How am I supposed to tell them that if they counter-attacked me back? In class, we have our very own great leader to lead the way such as Alesia, Bey, Jaja... I can sense that Amiey has her own charismatic value too because she has the courage to speak up and her peeps can trust her words more. I can say she has the power to influence. I wonder why she was not choosen.

Now in Degree, I can say Alesia tried to stayed back herself and let others to lead. (I envy of her for being a total package (Beauty with Brain)). In class, especially the BBA Mkt Part 3 besides Has, I felt that my friends are trusting me to be their leader, their project manager.. I do not know which part of me is the X-Factor in their eyes. Let them be the judge. But I think the way of me approaching others is the X-Factor because I'm RICH in smile and my "BLUR" look. Maybe that factor rated their judgment. I can say that I've chosen the best person to be my subordinates in our project part 3. Not my project. It is belong to part 3. Hoping that this will work and SHOW the seniors we can DO it! Yeah! I really like when I chose Jasmine as my S.U although I never knew her before. So, after the election, I can say that my choice was right. Same goes for you too, Has. I have Amoi and Apek to be the publicity crew in this project.

I even took part in sports and being THE ONLY female individu to be representative of part 3. At first I just put my name in 100m, but then because of lack of participants, the lecturer simply chose me to be take part in 4x100m and REJAM LEMBING.. At stadium, I was not ordered to practice for running because automatically I menang tanpa bertanding. So, I tried to practice the next sport which is merejam lembing. I was very eager to know how to rejam lembing, never even hold the lembing before. Terasa hulubalang istana pun ada.. It was tested and I find that it was very hard to throw the lembing to terpacak atas tanah. My lembing even went to the wrong direction.. aiyo.. so pening. Later, I managed to stop the SR student to teach me to rejam. She said my action is lontar lembing, NOT rejam. If rejam, you have to push with all your strength. Oh very hard! I managed to pacak it atas tanah. :) The next day when I woke up, my armpit muscle sgt sakiiiiit~

A lot of kisah actually but these were one of the stories I loved to share.