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18 June 2009

Rujukan sejarah become COMIC?

Before this, I had drawn her comic strip on Chapter 4: Pengasas Kesultanan Melayu Melaka about How Parameswara named Melaka after the incident of his bodyguard's dog being kicked by a mousedeer. Haha. It was easy to sketch but when there is a lot of character with numerous faces and figures (gemok, botak, misai mcm Mister Potato).. makes my idea become "tepu" seketika. Huhu..That drawings is JUST some part of the chapter story. I know Sejarah used to be rated as Not my favourite subject. Reading and memorizing it makes my eyes watery and fell asleep. Only that chapter I sempat draw. The rest, I can't barely imagined another character such as Long Yunus, Raja Muzaffar, Raja Mahmud... alot of Rajas' and Sultans'..

So this morning, I went to my cousin's house and she told me that she had bought a Comic Sejarah published by Eastview Publications Sdn. Bhd. The first edition was in 2004. Wah! Price?? So affordable. Its less than RM10. It can be found in all lower and upper forms. Form 1 till form 5. These kids nowadays so senang. More detail u can click Komik to see the pictures. If the comic had exist during my year I think I can score my Sejarah better. Loves comic books. +______+'

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