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19 June 2009


While I was resting alone in my room suddenly my fan gone wild. It stop functioning.. Must be the next door fault! My neighbour is renovating his house after his tenant and family has moved out. Somehow there was an incident before, the tenant accidentally drilled over the wire buried in the cement affected our house wiring system. So, I guess the same mistake repeated twice. I felt hot! Hot! Feeling want to soak myself in a jakuzy cold water. Pamper myself in it. SoO nice~

I left my house at 2pm biking to amy's house. Cousin from my mom's side. Her age is as mine. Nothing to loose.. we shared about the degree talk problem together. About the fees, hostels and to cope with it. She told me that her house was blackout to0. But the electricity generated back in 10. Luckily it was in evening. As I recalled back about my Kubah trip, one of our friend trapped in the bathroom when the blackout occured. She ran out with torchlight shouting like hell and that time we just burst out laughing. Her eyes can't barely opened due pedih because she does not use the Johnson Baby Shampoo "Tak pedihkan Mata".

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