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09 June 2009

2 hours story in Sarawak Plaza

I celebrated a birthday party of my primary 5 cousin at Chicken Hartz Restaurant.
Supposely we started at 5pm but it became off-scheduled because we have to wait for the other cousins arrival. We took a step to window-shopped around the SP while waiting them. The party was delayed for one hour. A big smile potrayed on our faces as we ran into the presense of other cousins at the oppposite site of escalator. All of us gathered in front of C.H and checked-in. There were 12 peeps in all. 7 boys and you do the math.
As we were be seated, me and my cousins( the girls) look into each other signaled that we MUST get the food before the guys did. After all, ladies first! Haha. Our brothers are all masculine and has a great height upon us. I like the ice cream very much and I took myself two bowl of ice cream. Yumm~
One hour had passed, we have another one hour more to go. At that time, we held our breath slowly because we had taken much food that filled our stomach. It's been awhile I had not taken this much for I not consumed a LARGE consumption of food in particularly within ONE HOUR at home. In my mind, can I still have enough GB in my stomach for another one hour?? (Pliz ignore the scientific usage of language)
There were some parts that I want to share with you guys. While I imaginatively pressed my ice cream into a small bowl (at that time, I imagined of shaping my ice cream like the shape of SHIT... Shin Chan used to joke about besides punggung) Or in other words, like the McD's Sundae. I giggled and showed it to next person beside me which I thought that he is my cousin. When I turned my face right, he is... a stranger! Oh, I am SOOOO embarassed at that time. Please God! Please brainwash that person so he will forget my freak and disturbance. Huhu. He swung around and went to his seat after he has filled up his ice cream toppings. I don't dare to see his eyes and I don't want to. No no! I flavoured my ice cream with topppings and now the real cousin approached behind my back. "Pahal ktk, nad??" He said. I get it. All this while he was looking at my act with the stranger and laughed behind my back. HUhu.. (Siot je) I walked to my table and passed the stranger with no sign face of guilty. But I sensed that the stranger told his friends what had happened. Popped! In 5 seconds, the news was spread among us cousins and I was ashamed~
Its almost 2 hours before we had to make a move. Half hour before the clock strikes at 8pm, I went out and certified myself with a stamp on my hand as a 10 mins token of going outside and be back in the restaurant. I want to go to the ladies room. On my way there, I stepped in front of the SP and watch a real-life that the TJ building (opposite SP) was catch on fire that I believed successfully pulled out by the fireman. There were two BOMBA trucks outside the TJ. I couldn't understand enough about what was really happened so you better update yourself with the front news tomorrow morning. Hehe. Do tell me afterwards.
When I entered back into the restaurant, I was standing and blurred that we had to make a move. In my heart, I said " Could we sit a little longer so that I could taste the birthday cake?!.. After all, there are 5 mins left before the 2 hours ended". (The birthday cake was given during I'm away for a couple of minutes)

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