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01 June 2009

My artpiece

My uncle came back from Limbang, he brought each family a gift which is kueh cincin and ikan tahai (ikan salai sos yang dimakan snek) SEDAP!! Remember Has, we had participated in the marketing advertisement organised by the BBA MARKETING? Yea.. kind of irritating with Mr. E the word "addiction".. memang macam tulang and kematian. When I woke up this late morning, I palyed around with my Photostudio and generate my own creativity of Kueh Cincin Advertisement. Maybe it's not properly finished but this is some sort of my art work this morning. Gik mamai2 bah bangun tido. Hihi. What do you think?? Usually the Kuching's Cincin is white pale in color, benarlah kata our friend; Rosita. Org Limbang pun kueh Cincin warna orange. I taste it and its very nice. Sik keras! Yummy~


she_mah said...

u mmg berbakat.. tp gmbr kuih cincin ya maok idup gik baru org terpikat.hehe

Haslina Hashim said...

nice ad.. :P
yup aku still ingat and i miss that moment a lot~ hehe