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09 March 2009

SugarBun presentation

Yeay! Now I am so relieved and sgt lapang hatiku because I have presented my topic. Supposely I presented yesterday (3.3.09) but thanks a LOT to Fad, I present it today (4.3.09). Dahla muka mdm Z monyok jak. Marek OK nya sebab b'day nya. Huhu.. She was hoping for better presentation I guess. The night before, I have to asked my friend, Izza to listen and comment on my presentation practice. Thanks to her, I presented without looking at my 2'x4' small note in my palm.

Mdm. Z comments: Yes, you do have your confidence in your presentation although we can still hear the shivering voice of yours. Maybe you are nervous. I like the way U rephrase your word to your audience. There is an interaction with your audience which is good. You look good and smart with your blaus and tie which I was expecting that all of you as a business student should wear like that when learning the Business Development Class (To WHOM it may concern, your stupid comment didn't affected me! Luckily I'm not listening to your advice! Go and learn fashion tips some more GIRL! And I don't TUCK-IN my blaus. Ladies and guys style is different. Can't you even compare that? You are so GAI.) You should work on your Q&A session more because when you give the answers you seem not to be confident enough although your answers are right. (Gney la mok confident, SB dikpun sik mok tolerate. Lelah org muji and mok angkat syarikatnya) ..

Huh! Forget about the mdm. At last I dah lepas dari kandang rimau. Sama mek duak syemah. Syemah! For the 1st time I saw you present. You did a surprise for us. Ahahaa.. Good job girl! Another my group presentation is about the companies in Brunei. We decided to present The Royal Brunei Airlines. So stay tuned for my other ngerepaking in next-next-next episode Okay!


she_mah said...

perbaiki presentation anda dgn memandang kepada semua audience..
tangan jangan macam orang tengah nyanyi lagu 'rap'..
overall bagus.

itu sahaja komen dari pengkritik..

karina said...

bila masa aku rap?
Sekda pun mdm komen bout my gestures.. ee