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09 March 2009

Now I'm speechless

Hey guys! Thanks for viewing again.
It's been awhile I neither drop nor updated any post for nearly a month.
Waaaa... during that time, so many challenges had happenned to me.
There are sad stories and good stories to share.
February has packed me with so many things. Each single day, Im so busy doing good things and become the most noble student to finish up assignment and present SugarBun topic. Yet, I don't have time for myself. Sitting in front of my lappy. Me look lappy, lappy look at me.
  • I 've failed for my table tests once but managed to pass with "atas pagar" on the next day for my licence. I hate when answering the Bahagian C.. nang ada dimerit-merit indah.
  • I have gain so much trouble when dealing with HEP to borrow some of the equipment for our college activity (KEMBARA MINDA), till the end of the midst of night we were stil lack due to unpromissing and untrustworthy of HEP. Luckily, our KEMBARA MINDA still ROCK!! Huh! Bad management of HEP. No credits from me.
  • I sat for my Selling test 1, for some question I deliberately can answer it with smile. But some question I can't even remember because I thought that it would not be questioned and I didn't even take a second glance on it.
  • I ate roti paun with joyous face finishing it. Until I want to take another slice of it, I belek the plastic and I find that there are KULAT! But the label said it will due in 3 days later. Haiya.. Nasib I sik sakit perut.
  • I've quitted myself from being AJK Discipline Block 1. I don't like the scenario in the management team that quarreling like childish and affect the subordinates. But thanks to them, I can quit which I damnly want to do that yearsssss agoooo...
  • The ceramah for motosikal was so ngantok.... my eyes is really need to shut and have a good sleep!
  • I'm so nervous to present my SugarBun topic!
The good memories
  • IB test I scored with pass and I DON'T have the red sign saying "Please see me" by mdm Z on top of my paper. Yeah!
  • Our trip to SP sgt best! Like apprentice of Donald Trump. The task: We were like business people trying to get as much info from the domestic and international business in any outlets from SP and Tun Jugah. We scattered in group and meet at one checkpoint when the time is up to went back to our campus.
  • We were having great time at F&NCC Factory. You should make a class trip there because we were very KAMBOH and Havoc! We get free 100Plus can drink for sure.
  • I am very excited to received a call from my dearest UGA2 - Kate. Buletin tgh mlm.
  • KFC made us a place to gather among the BMD6D2.
  • Shooting at ALMAS! It was so enjoyable and very tiring. You know, the responsibility of a cameraman is soO big. Without cameraman, you don't have the quality image and video. Don't you think the movies in the tv and theatre is excellent without any overlapping and lagging? I spent a DAY to edit my "Handling Objection" Videos u know.

Waaaa... what a lists! What do you expect? Now im relieved that I covered the whole February chapter. Till we meet again in the next post. Say salam and bubbyeeeeee... Weeeee~~~

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