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27 March 2009


If u ada terbaca post syemah "Hari Yang Best" maknanya mmg la best! Im looking forward to see the videos of both Group 1 & 2 consists of 10 videos in all. Starting at 4pm and finish at 7pm at DK2. It was exciting full of laughter that everybody can shed their tears watching theirs and other's video.

My video "Handling Objection" was the one to be the first to be showed to the class. The lights were off and together we enjoy. I stood up telling the mdm that it is unfair to show my video first since Handling Objection is no. 4 on the assignment list. But, I didn't take it seriously. Just that, I want to suspence everybody who haven’t watched ours. But for those who have watched our video before this very day, knew that my video is a quality video than the rest. Hihi. Sorry guys. Once the video was showed, every scene they laugh, I wonder why. I think our group video member consists of Hana, Ada, Has, Onie, Nisa, Wani and myself has successfully carried out the characther of a host, salesperson and customer. And my skills too. Yaya.

I kinda satisfied that everybody is watching our video nodded and enjoying themselves. It took me two(2) whole days to get the video DONE. Me and Ada. That night and day I remembered. Syemah's video is quite interesting too. Their group members have a talent to be model because they ada law of attraction in the early introduction. Haha. Syemah nodded. Slides after slides, NOW is the time that the most important that everybody was looking for after hours sitting till their punggung starts to kebas. Haha. I walked out to catch some heat air because I can't stand in the cold in whatever in cool place. Seriously, I tido dengan kipas no. 1 or no kipas pun is alright.

Sesapa2 yang sik tahan sejuk pun kuar. But we still can look from the door. But when our class winner was just to be announced, I walk away so I can't hear the result. I don't want to give a high hope on that although I can strongly sense the smell of chocolate in the hamper, coke bottle, and other snacks. My peeps always calling me and they always told me that they really like our video so much. Even the others also kept repeating our title "HandlingObjection". I don't have any idea. Just don't want to hear because what it is, que sera2. Suddenly, Hana and Nisa walked out the DK2 door, telling me (outside DK2 for the 15 mins already) "Kita Kalah nad". I was like, "Biar betul".. "Ye, KITA KALAH." Nisa said.

So, group kami berjalan ngan HAMPA.... Everybody was expecting something miracle for our video but it turned out the leaf. Ohh.. Pastu Hana cakap " Xpe nad, nanti Hana belikan hamper untuk Nad k".. Haha. Still want to ease everybody's heart feeling. But I sik kisah la, my friends yang buat video lain telling me and pat my back shoulder "Nad, your video keep remain 1st in our heart and jantung".. Hahahaha.. Memory yang sungguh best untuk dikenang. I will miss them when we graduate later. T_T


WhiteTulip said...

sine mok ngga vid ya nad? uplod kan k mek orang diat juakk..

zahed` said...

yeepa. upload kat youtube.
let us be the judge. ;)