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04 February 2009


Happy Birthday Has!
Last nite i texted her after my AJK meeting.
A bit late, half past 12am. Luckily she was awake.
"Ui, Hpy Bday to kak Has! Hv a wonderful day n dun get silly to hv frens like ME! Yeay! Penguin bday. Sori, tek ada meeting ajk". 5 mins later, i received an sms from her. "Thanks. Iboh nunggah ku kakak oi!". I smiled. Hahah. 21 years old dah ko. I did'nt realise that she had texted me earlier in my other hp no. It was an invitation. She want to spare her 21st bday with our classmates since this is our final year of diploma. Fewh!. OK SET!


khairul onggon said...

Hepi birthday kat kwn ktk... :)

aleeya jo said...

penguin bday..hehe..dah tua dh kak has eyh..

nurulziaibrahim said...

((mencapap lok))
oitz karina...kmk baruk gik dlm memblogging tok..sudi2 dtg page mek..follow2 juak..huhu! chow..