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12 January 2009

Zul! U'll pay for this. Oh no~

Overall, rate year 2008 from 1-10 (10 being the highest)
= 7

Have you fell in love this year?
= No

Are you still in love with this person?

Have you lost any friends?
= Byk juak.. lupa2 ingat. But byk kwn baru juak. Kita bersaudara. You mok jadi uga2 i?

Have you made new friends?
= Now?.. tgh suai kenal. Seyum2 kambeng. Hehe.

Do you have a crush on someone?.. Did you tell them?
=Yes and no.

Do you have any regrets?
= Owh. Hurm. Maybe at that moment NO. But when I think it over again, why I..bla2.. this and that.

Do you have something you wish you would have done, but didn't?
= Nak rompak bank. Hahaha. I wish I could be like jumper.

Did you become closer with your family?
= yes..

Have you changed?.. not just looks, but personally?
= Looks? No major changes. Gunting rambut jak. Personally?.. U judge me then you know it.

Have you gotten drunk?
= What is dat?..

= Never.

Got in a car accident?
=Pernah. Org itu langgar and lari. Time ya satu Sarawak blackout ingat sik? That red car hit on the left side of my car bumper. Luckily he didn't hit my door. Gila. Dah nya langgar, di rudu nya agik sampe nya pun lari dari penglihatan org ramai. Nang #$%^(*&^%$

Done good in school?
= Always try to be good and well-behave. But palak antu juak and OTAI

Gone on a trip? .. If so, where?
=Latest. Ke Kubah National Park. SoO not very fun.

Has something bad happened this year, that you wish you could go back and erase?
= Aku sik wish. Aku akan berdoa byk2 minta jauh. Mun dah jadi, jadi la. Kakya kita ikhtiar gney nak solve nya.

Gotten anything new?
= Bru menghadiri kursus memandu kereta. Ya rabi, ngantuk.

Talked to total strangers?
= Dalam blog dikira strangers juak nk?

Did something good for the community?
= ada.

Did something good for your school?
= oh. slalu. Hampir setiap hari bayar denda RM0.50 sbb datang lewat. Un un tauk ya. Slh seorang penjana ekonomi SK Jln OTS. Hehe.

Joined a new club?
= Molah puak uga2 jak.

Wished you could dissapear?
= sik la dissapear. Invisible bleh juak. Invisible dari YM. Haha. Got you!

Gotten in a fight?
= Fight? Braninya.

Favourite movie this year?
= Hmm. So far twilight but lejuk dah.

Favourite song this year?
= Kate Perry, Hot and Cold

Pick a friend, just one.. Write an awesome memory of 2008..?
= Jgn.. semua kawanku ada memori terindah. Tidak berbeda.

Memory with family?
= Susah senang bersama....

Best memory overrall?
= Can't remember of any.

New Years resolution?..
= I'm not going to tell you.

Will you become closer friends with someone? (who?, if you wanna say!)
= Will yes. All the part 6 students, especially DBS.

Will you try harder in school/university?
= yaya.

Will you make this year much better than 2008?.. How?
= Yea. Really. To be a better person.

What have you LIKED about 2008?..
= Everything considering ups and downs.

What have you DISLIKED about 2008?..
= Same as above

Are you glad 2008 is over.. Honestly?
= Oh.. nak ganti puasa lok. Haha.

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