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12 January 2009

Please go away

KUCHING; the road was so congested and there is no traffic flow due to risen tide and cause some of the road overflooded at Jambatan Satok yesterday. According to almanac calendar, the king tide is 6.2m. Lots of car were found broke down beside the road. The heavy rain has stopped but the drizzling still continuously moisture the greens. Student named Karina was there at 8.15pm and she couldn't stop thinking should or shouldn't she back to campus. Her father drove carefully along the way and kept holding the steering to avoid the car went off uncontrollable. It happen to be that day Karina has class to attend the next day. "Samarahan ok x pa?"she said. "Hope so. But your samarahan area I think is not affected because the land is high. Kawasannya tinggi UNLESS area yang dekat ngan sungei". Pa said. While having such deep thought, she received messages from syemah, has and amy(cuzen) whom was worried of her. She replied happily telling them she was ok. Syemah told her that she will be back the next day because her place was affected. Has was already in her room at campus. Another sms is from her roommate, Syal. In her message, she told Karina that she won't be able to come back tonight because Elin's place is also affected. (Syal and Izza is staying at Elin's place for weekend.) Which mean her roommate cannot accompanied Karina sleep that night by all means. Karina has fear of sleeping alone except her own bedroom at home. But that can be solved later as herself the yakuza has alot of puak2 yang bleh di tumpang biliknya~~ Aih! Ngeraco. Haha. Steady jak kaka English tek. At last, Karina arrived at her campus safely. Yahoo!!

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khairul onggon said...

Smoga selamat sampei dan selamat dari banjir.... :)