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16 January 2009

One Missed Call

Today we finished our Selling class half an hour early. Has and Isabella were stopping by the canteen to fuel their stomach, meanwhile I go to DM to take away my lunch. It was drizzling yet the sunshine brighten the day. When i got back to my room, I find my roommate is still sleeping. I didn't bring my handphone because I wore baju kurung which were always readily made with no pockets. And I don't like to bring bag. I rather carry my things with my bare hands although sometimes it really make my hands full. Especially when there is a rainy season. Even my pencil box is stored with my calculator, handphone and seldomly money. I repeat! SELDOMLY. Don't you guys ever think to snatch my precious pencilbox. Brani ko? Padat! jak dalamnya. IC jak sik. Haha. Okay2. Back to our topic. I changed to T-shirt and tracksuit. I checked my hp which I seldom brought to class. I open the current missed call. It appeared
"One missed call". Who is it? Why calling2 me during I have class? Luckily, i stored the number in my other hp and named it "Lesen Home". Owh. I wonder why they look after me. Yuran dah bayar bah. So, I called my dad. "Sekdapun sidak call bapak. Try call daknya gak." He said. And I dialed. **Toot Toot** (Two times) You make the sound la. Ok guys! One more time. I say **Toot Toot**. Hhee. A lady answered the phone. The conversation goes like this :

Karina : Halo?.. Ini konsortium Sim Kim Hua ka?
Lady Toot : Halo. Ya ini konsortium.
Karina : Tadi ada orang call kmk. Ada orang cari ***Karina ka?
Lady Toot : Jap. Oh, pasal ya kmk mok tanya bila ktk mok polah test? Esok ka lusa? Mun mok
kmk booking awal.
Karina : Test apa? Oh, table test ka? Kmk lom ready gik~~ Next week bleh?
Lady Toot : Next week takut sikda sebab orang Chinese New Year.
Karina : Oh, kmk next week jak. Mun sik minggu sigek gik. Okay.
Lady Toot : Okay.

##Cheh, i ingat sapa la cari tek. Bukan I yang carik sidaknya. Sidak carik i.

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