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12 January 2009

my my morning

Thanks Ina for sharing your room for my stay. Hehe.
Ingatkan mau puasa but t'miss da imsak.
Haiyaa~~ Wow, bangun awal, mandi awal segala2nya awal.
But my class starts at 12pm. How come??
It's Ok. No worries like Pumbaa said "Hakuna Matata".
It means no worries.
I took my bath, perform my Subuh pray and I kemas my room.
Then I cuci my laundry.
So, early in the morning I connect my laptop to catch for wireless.
It is b'coz it is easy to log in during the morning.
Haha. Budak freshie sik bleh beronline klu haku online! Muehehe.
Ketawa evil.
Once my laptop dah warm up, I pun log-in and start blogging.
Slurping a hot cup of 3 in 1 Milo Cereal. (sudah di bancuh)
Waa... soO in a gud mood. Fresh.
After this I want to do a lil bit of brainstorming and notes for Selling subject.
Syal lom balit gik.
But sometimes its good to be alone.
Privacy is good.

Lovin' it!

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