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15 January 2009

13 January 2009

Sesaper yg dah baca post syemah sudah tentu dpt agak yang saya la drebar pada masa itu. Ape? Blum baca? Jap! Tgh masukkan link tersebut. Hah! Ini dia, Peristiwa 13 January 2009. Amacam? Mula2 syok jak tgh feel itu stereng. That was my 1st experiece of been hitted by a KANCIL. When i stopped, that women seems just reversed her car without looking back to see whether there was any sign of cars passing by (my car ler..) At that time, Has dah bagi warning awal jgn laju, so i slow down la. Who knows that women around 35 yrs old reversed, and unfortunately knocked our car. WHAT??! Oh, tanganku terkaku, lidah pun terkelu. At that time I was really scared u know, in my mind she would stepped out her car, start yelling and mad like Incredible Hulk and asked for my licence (i don't have licence! I haven't undergo any tests yet at Konsortium Sim Kim Hua. Just heard the babling of the lecturers in the ceramah session). But it turned out to be Has get out the car with that furious and miserable look and talk to that alien. Aha. Me and syemah were sitting in the car until we think that maybe we also should get out of our car and fix the problem. I think that women shivvered a lil' b'coz Has brought the gang, like the Charmed Ones. Aiseh! Looks like Has has control the situation when she spoke in Mandarin Language, Oh! Thank you Has. She didn't asked for any payment and just let her off this time. Ah? If it was me, I would asked for the damages. I just can't tolerate how she was calmly handle the situation. Has sounds like my father after all. Yea2... that was very childish of me. Ngee~~

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