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29 January 2009

Gracias me a-frenz

The award comes with a message...

This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming.
These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends.
They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.
And here are the 8 great people that deserves this award:

1. Kate
.....(sama seperti syemah). Hwhe

28 January 2009

Gitar Vs Jari

Sapa lebih hebat? Gitar ka Jari?
Gitar tersebut baru jak dibeli rah kedai 99sen sekitar matang area.
Tapi sekdala nya rega camya. Reganya less than RM100. Finishing pun ok. Simple jak.
Sesuai utk beginner mcm I tok. Actually, my dad bought it for my brother (below me)
sebab nya telah jadi penanam anggur yg berjaya tatkala habis SPM. Kononnya main gitar la tek. Bpk pun ada juak belikan buku chord gitar. Tapi byk gilak not nya. Major la, flet la, tanda # pun ada juak. Berbelit juak jari main. I pun join la sekaki. Awal tahun ya tek dibeli. Testing punya testing, beberapa kali bpk dah suruh org tune nya pun tali. Malah, anak jiran pun ada juak coba tune in.
Tadik, I boring lepas tgk prog. ALLY.. so, main la gitar. Main saja sekadar exercise jari. Skali detikkan tali ya, hatiku berkata "Aik, pelik na bunyi tok?" Jari I pun meraba2 area picu (I think so..) utk adjust dier nyer tuning. Tali yang kelima ya cam pelik skit. Makin I mok longgar, makin nya rasa cam terit. Bila dipusing anti- clockwise, nya cam makin bertambah terit. Aih, btul ndak ka di pusin aku tok. Tetiba....


Arghhhhhhh... Oh SHIT! (1st word kuar dari mulutku). Mak aiee.. berdarah jari ku. Sedap giler nya berdarah.. Huhu.. Mun Edward Cullen nangga ya.. oh. Vampire juak i tok. Hihi. Cepat2 I amik ais tekap kat ibu jari kiriku yang tedah itu.

23 January 2009

Handling Objection

I just got the video role-play assignment paper given by Mdm. R. This lecturer is so sporting fellow and we were glad to have her. My group decided to select one of the topic as above mentioned. Yesterday, I was discussing with my group member and I was selected to play the role as the CAMERAMAN!. In my heart, okay~ (But I want to take part in the acting too~~ Like what I did during my act in sem2)

They were 7 peeps in our group.
a) 3 of them will do the acting (Has, Wani and Oni)
b) 1 cameraman (me)

c) 1 handle props and makeup artist (Adda)
d) 1 script writer (Hana)
e) 1 tugas2 khas. (Nisa)

Oh, can't wait to show off my camera skill. Bleh minta tunjuk ajar khairul onggon tok.
Hhee.. Bleh ka? Pasal handling objection tok gney mok nyuruh nya jadi more interesting oo..
Dalam palakku tok, dtg seorang salesman. And then nya tangkap seorang pelanggan. Salesman ya terang punya terang secara detail and persuade customernya. Tapi customer ya mati2 sik mok. Nang tingal eyh!! Then, dari sia la skill salesman cara mengatasi objection ya berkesan ka sik. We want to make it in two situation. The good and bad ways of handling objection. Hehe.. We compete against another group as well. The K.A group. So, any ideas? Any ideas given will be highly appreciated.

22 January 2009

Kepak is not chicken wing.

Mdm Z has given me titles for my assignment and presentation for International Business subject. It is about Sugarbun and Post Malaysia. What??.. Other people got interesting topics like Cadbury, Rolex, MAS, Air Asia, Astro, Tv3...... even the guys got the topics like Gucci, Bonia, Guess... haiya. I decided to have Sugarbun as my presentation which falls after the Chinese New Year (because talking about food would be more interesting and could make the whole class feelin tempted!! Be ready guys! My Sugarbun will kill your topics. Muehehe.. It would give me an extra mark then.) What can i think of Sugarbun?
I need your opinions!!
Luckily mine can be found throughout Kuching. Some of my friends got Ibraco, Sea-Gate.. KPMG (apaya?) others got all the non-existence company yang sik pernah di dengar. But its good actually, because this is the time that we get to know about companies presented by each individual. There will be disagreement and arising issues to attack the presenters. Sesi perdebatan. Bunyi cam best nak? Nasib juak Mdm. Z sgt pandai tackle student sebab jarang student ska dengar perkataan economy and development. Hmm.. i can see that my mid term holiday will be fully occupied to finish all the "hutang assignment and tuto's".
Da di duu....

21 January 2009


for those who have succeeded
with excellent result,
and for those who don't,
try harder next time.

19 January 2009

In a good mood

I berjejak kaseh ngan my best friend's sister who happens to be one of the lecturers here. Wow! In the middle of the crowd, she hug me and we chit chat a little. All of my friends nearby kehairanan. Maybe they were wondering gney nya tok leh kenal lecturer ya. Anyway, I'll leave the question to you guys. Hip2 hooray!

18 January 2009

Sorry I can't save you Mr.P!

Yesterday, I went to my atuk's house. It was such a cooling night that we ought to reached there at past 9pm. Remember that I've told you that my atuk's house is one of the flood victims. As I walked along the path, there was a significant smell sniffed through my unclog nose. Bau-bau air juruk, pasir, kotor semua ada. Wala~~ sungguh sik harum. I went up the stairs, greetings with everybody in the house, and we have such great stories about flood happenned in the kampung area. Some villagers of the kampung were saved by using lifeboat because their houses sunk in the water. Luckily, my atuk's place was not that severe. I can't imagine that. Nau'zubillah. Then, I gracefully lending my hand to help uncover and clean Mr.P. Who is that Mr.P? Try guess?.. Aha, it's a collection of pictures damped with moisture. I was carefully opened the plastic album and OMG it became smeared and most of the pictures cannot be saved again. Huhu.. Luckily there were pictures saved which was captured during my childhood. I ketawa sorang2 kat hujung sudut. Hahaha. Mukaku time kecik2 lok kiut aie. Mak I madah I tok sekpat nemu gunting. Gila ngunting rambut depan. Nang bena juak. Rambut ku bertingkat time kecik. Rasa2nya, I time kecik mok jadi hair stylist kot. Sigek2 gambar ya di belek haku(aku). Tidak ku sangka masih juak memory itu disimpan di rumah itu dan tidak dihanyut pergi oleh banjir. Nasib juaklah picture I ya sik smear gambarnya.

17 January 2009

e-card from wan Hazel

16 January 2009

Poor Umbrella~

"Nad, ko ada mulang balit payung aku ka?" Syemah asked.
Ada, kenak?" I answered.
Apa sekda pun??" Syemah replied.
????... yaka? Aih, ada ku merik ko balit. Sekda bah lam bilit aku. Nang aku dah mbak masa gi bilit ko ya". I replied back.

As I recalled, that very night I promised with Has and Syemah to go to their room that night to play UNO! and Career Test. On my way there, my "consert" began to make noise. Do you know what is that? It's my S T O M A C H ler... Perut ku kosong. Sbb blum mkn tghari. Nasib ku sekda masalah gastric kedak Izza. Mun sik, alu sik tentu miak ya breakdance to the dance floor. Haha. Mengerang kesakitan. I brought syemah's umbrella along and head to DM aka Dewan Makan. After that, I straight to Izza's room to ngabas and teman Izza mkn and enjoy watching the Full Metal Alchemist Episode 1. After I finished, I went to Syemah's room (Has is syemah's roommate.) As I remembered, that night I did bring the umbrella. And I asked Izza, she said not left in her room. Aiih.. Cney ndak tuju. Sorry syemah, later I replace your purple Umbrella okay!

One Missed Call

Today we finished our Selling class half an hour early. Has and Isabella were stopping by the canteen to fuel their stomach, meanwhile I go to DM to take away my lunch. It was drizzling yet the sunshine brighten the day. When i got back to my room, I find my roommate is still sleeping. I didn't bring my handphone because I wore baju kurung which were always readily made with no pockets. And I don't like to bring bag. I rather carry my things with my bare hands although sometimes it really make my hands full. Especially when there is a rainy season. Even my pencil box is stored with my calculator, handphone and seldomly money. I repeat! SELDOMLY. Don't you guys ever think to snatch my precious pencilbox. Brani ko? Padat! jak dalamnya. IC jak sik. Haha. Okay2. Back to our topic. I changed to T-shirt and tracksuit. I checked my hp which I seldom brought to class. I open the current missed call. It appeared
"One missed call". Who is it? Why calling2 me during I have class? Luckily, i stored the number in my other hp and named it "Lesen Home". Owh. I wonder why they look after me. Yuran dah bayar bah. So, I called my dad. "Sekdapun sidak call bapak. Try call daknya gak." He said. And I dialed. **Toot Toot** (Two times) You make the sound la. Ok guys! One more time. I say **Toot Toot**. Hhee. A lady answered the phone. The conversation goes like this :

Karina : Halo?.. Ini konsortium Sim Kim Hua ka?
Lady Toot : Halo. Ya ini konsortium.
Karina : Tadi ada orang call kmk. Ada orang cari ***Karina ka?
Lady Toot : Jap. Oh, pasal ya kmk mok tanya bila ktk mok polah test? Esok ka lusa? Mun mok
kmk booking awal.
Karina : Test apa? Oh, table test ka? Kmk lom ready gik~~ Next week bleh?
Lady Toot : Next week takut sikda sebab orang Chinese New Year.
Karina : Oh, kmk next week jak. Mun sik minggu sigek gik. Okay.
Lady Toot : Okay.

##Cheh, i ingat sapa la cari tek. Bukan I yang carik sidaknya. Sidak carik i.

15 January 2009

13 January 2009

Sesaper yg dah baca post syemah sudah tentu dpt agak yang saya la drebar pada masa itu. Ape? Blum baca? Jap! Tgh masukkan link tersebut. Hah! Ini dia, Peristiwa 13 January 2009. Amacam? Mula2 syok jak tgh feel itu stereng. That was my 1st experiece of been hitted by a KANCIL. When i stopped, that women seems just reversed her car without looking back to see whether there was any sign of cars passing by (my car ler..) At that time, Has dah bagi warning awal jgn laju, so i slow down la. Who knows that women around 35 yrs old reversed, and unfortunately knocked our car. WHAT??! Oh, tanganku terkaku, lidah pun terkelu. At that time I was really scared u know, in my mind she would stepped out her car, start yelling and mad like Incredible Hulk and asked for my licence (i don't have licence! I haven't undergo any tests yet at Konsortium Sim Kim Hua. Just heard the babling of the lecturers in the ceramah session). But it turned out to be Has get out the car with that furious and miserable look and talk to that alien. Aha. Me and syemah were sitting in the car until we think that maybe we also should get out of our car and fix the problem. I think that women shivvered a lil' b'coz Has brought the gang, like the Charmed Ones. Aiseh! Looks like Has has control the situation when she spoke in Mandarin Language, Oh! Thank you Has. She didn't asked for any payment and just let her off this time. Ah? If it was me, I would asked for the damages. I just can't tolerate how she was calmly handle the situation. Has sounds like my father after all. Yea2... that was very childish of me. Ngee~~

12 January 2009

my my morning

Thanks Ina for sharing your room for my stay. Hehe.
Ingatkan mau puasa but t'miss da imsak.
Haiyaa~~ Wow, bangun awal, mandi awal segala2nya awal.
But my class starts at 12pm. How come??
It's Ok. No worries like Pumbaa said "Hakuna Matata".
It means no worries.
I took my bath, perform my Subuh pray and I kemas my room.
Then I cuci my laundry.
So, early in the morning I connect my laptop to catch for wireless.
It is b'coz it is easy to log in during the morning.
Haha. Budak freshie sik bleh beronline klu haku online! Muehehe.
Ketawa evil.
Once my laptop dah warm up, I pun log-in and start blogging.
Slurping a hot cup of 3 in 1 Milo Cereal. (sudah di bancuh)
Waa... soO in a gud mood. Fresh.
After this I want to do a lil bit of brainstorming and notes for Selling subject.
Syal lom balit gik.
But sometimes its good to be alone.
Privacy is good.

Lovin' it!

Zul! U'll pay for this. Oh no~

Overall, rate year 2008 from 1-10 (10 being the highest)
= 7

Have you fell in love this year?
= No

Are you still in love with this person?

Have you lost any friends?
= Byk juak.. lupa2 ingat. But byk kwn baru juak. Kita bersaudara. You mok jadi uga2 i?

Have you made new friends?
= Now?.. tgh suai kenal. Seyum2 kambeng. Hehe.

Do you have a crush on someone?.. Did you tell them?
=Yes and no.

Do you have any regrets?
= Owh. Hurm. Maybe at that moment NO. But when I think it over again, why I..bla2.. this and that.

Do you have something you wish you would have done, but didn't?
= Nak rompak bank. Hahaha. I wish I could be like jumper.

Did you become closer with your family?
= yes..

Have you changed?.. not just looks, but personally?
= Looks? No major changes. Gunting rambut jak. Personally?.. U judge me then you know it.

Have you gotten drunk?
= What is dat?..

= Never.

Got in a car accident?
=Pernah. Org itu langgar and lari. Time ya satu Sarawak blackout ingat sik? That red car hit on the left side of my car bumper. Luckily he didn't hit my door. Gila. Dah nya langgar, di rudu nya agik sampe nya pun lari dari penglihatan org ramai. Nang #$%^(*&^%$

Done good in school?
= Always try to be good and well-behave. But palak antu juak and OTAI

Gone on a trip? .. If so, where?
=Latest. Ke Kubah National Park. SoO not very fun.

Has something bad happened this year, that you wish you could go back and erase?
= Aku sik wish. Aku akan berdoa byk2 minta jauh. Mun dah jadi, jadi la. Kakya kita ikhtiar gney nak solve nya.

Gotten anything new?
= Bru menghadiri kursus memandu kereta. Ya rabi, ngantuk.

Talked to total strangers?
= Dalam blog dikira strangers juak nk?

Did something good for the community?
= ada.

Did something good for your school?
= oh. slalu. Hampir setiap hari bayar denda RM0.50 sbb datang lewat. Un un tauk ya. Slh seorang penjana ekonomi SK Jln OTS. Hehe.

Joined a new club?
= Molah puak uga2 jak.

Wished you could dissapear?
= sik la dissapear. Invisible bleh juak. Invisible dari YM. Haha. Got you!

Gotten in a fight?
= Fight? Braninya.

Favourite movie this year?
= Hmm. So far twilight but lejuk dah.

Favourite song this year?
= Kate Perry, Hot and Cold

Pick a friend, just one.. Write an awesome memory of 2008..?
= Jgn.. semua kawanku ada memori terindah. Tidak berbeda.

Memory with family?
= Susah senang bersama....

Best memory overrall?
= Can't remember of any.

New Years resolution?..
= I'm not going to tell you.

Will you become closer friends with someone? (who?, if you wanna say!)
= Will yes. All the part 6 students, especially DBS.

Will you try harder in school/university?
= yaya.

Will you make this year much better than 2008?.. How?
= Yea. Really. To be a better person.

What have you LIKED about 2008?..
= Everything considering ups and downs.

What have you DISLIKED about 2008?..
= Same as above

Are you glad 2008 is over.. Honestly?
= Oh.. nak ganti puasa lok. Haha.

Please go away

KUCHING; the road was so congested and there is no traffic flow due to risen tide and cause some of the road overflooded at Jambatan Satok yesterday. According to almanac calendar, the king tide is 6.2m. Lots of car were found broke down beside the road. The heavy rain has stopped but the drizzling still continuously moisture the greens. Student named Karina was there at 8.15pm and she couldn't stop thinking should or shouldn't she back to campus. Her father drove carefully along the way and kept holding the steering to avoid the car went off uncontrollable. It happen to be that day Karina has class to attend the next day. "Samarahan ok x pa?"she said. "Hope so. But your samarahan area I think is not affected because the land is high. Kawasannya tinggi UNLESS area yang dekat ngan sungei". Pa said. While having such deep thought, she received messages from syemah, has and amy(cuzen) whom was worried of her. She replied happily telling them she was ok. Syemah told her that she will be back the next day because her place was affected. Has was already in her room at campus. Another sms is from her roommate, Syal. In her message, she told Karina that she won't be able to come back tonight because Elin's place is also affected. (Syal and Izza is staying at Elin's place for weekend.) Which mean her roommate cannot accompanied Karina sleep that night by all means. Karina has fear of sleeping alone except her own bedroom at home. But that can be solved later as herself the yakuza has alot of puak2 yang bleh di tumpang biliknya~~ Aih! Ngeraco. Haha. Steady jak kaka English tek. At last, Karina arrived at her campus safely. Yahoo!!

06 January 2009

1st claz to enter

Bilik sarjana! Here i come!!
(Bukak pintu slow2)...
............(semua org cam khusyuk jak duduk)
"Assalamualaikum" I said.
Then i smiled.
Amiey's voice mengatasi desibel yang berada di bilik itu.
Menegur my baju, rambut and kasut.
Wahhaaha.. nsb baik lecturer lom sampe.
Rindu eyh ngn kwn semua.
Tapi sik berapa riuh gilak. Sebab bilik tang senyap.. and kekok.
And dtg azreen and the geng. Stylo milo peng daknya.
"Mmg ada gaya part 6" Amiey said.
U know wut? Rupa2nya lecturer dah dtg awl b4 i came.
She was photostating the study course for us.
So, it took her a while to enter.
I thought i was there b4 her.

01 January 2009

Program Ally Iskandar mmg syiook!

Undeniable Ally is so cute when standing among three gorgeous women. It reminds me of kate's comment in our Spektra school magazine about Ukie whom has the "ketinggian sik mencukupi". Haha. Tp Ukie klaz mekorg ya rasa kiut jak. Ally lebih kiut! Haha. Yep, best layan program ya tgh malam sambil enjoy new year. Bak kata Ally " inilah merupakan siaran televisyen dalam sejarah yang memakan masa dalam DUA TAHUN. At first, i blur. Then i asked my dad what Ally meant by "two years"??. Oh, then my dad explained; end of year 2008 and early 2009.~ Chey... i thought ape la tadi.
Good program! Haha. Yang lwk nya part Ally try to korek rahsia whether Fasha akan terlepas ckp or x psl isu kahwin die tu.. Fasha bg statement yang Datuk Siti pun ade ckp yg die hendak menamatkan zaman bujang beliau pada umur 25 tahun. Kita merancang, tuhan menentukan. And she ends her zaman bujang pada umur 27 tahun. Yea2.. dats true. (It's not like I hate Fasha but I just dislike her ok. Ok pe Fasha. Nya sik ganggu hidup aku.) Aha.. another lucu Ally nyer gelagat when Fasha told the audience that she wants to marry a man who have nice TEETH. (Ally alu malu merik blakang) Haha. Have u watched the program??? Rugi sik tangga. I think my spending behaviour mmg keperempuanan la. But I'm not that type who bought things soO expensively. Jenis Budget, cuma bila nak beli barang ya memang tersangatlah miker 2 or 3 kali. Sometimes dah amik, then letak balik. Oh.