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22 December 2008

Welcome back, Nek Wahab!

Since yesterday our big family were preparing small kenduri to welcome Hj Wahab B. Hj. Len, which is my grandpa who will be coming back from Haj (his 2nd Haj). I am her 1st grandchildren among 10 of us. It was very tiring day for us becoz we had to prepare dishes, the kurma gift... lots of thing. We were expecting many guests but owh.. they were about 20 people only. At about 6.15pm later, we received a phone call from our Uncle telling us that they were on their way home after fetching Nek Wahab's arrival at Kuching airport. The remaining family with excited expression on their faces including me rushingly preparing for the arrival. We were so glad that he has arrived safely. Masing2 melepaskan kerinduan.. Suasana bertukar sayu and gembira. At night, we heard a lot of stories from him and we (cousins) were given each gift equally that he brought from Mekah. Ahaha.. thats all. Thank you.. (clap2)

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