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27 December 2008

Sem 5

Here, I want to jot down few memories that i had in sem 5.
In sem 5, I became more "
skema" by looking at my hair.
I kept long hair for 2 sems just to show that I can have long hair like any other girl.
Long enough for me to say "wow, so long!"
My friends always asked me to change my hairstyle.
(They always jealous of me.. hihi~)
I remembered I never kept long hair for the past 15 yrs and now, I broke my own ego. (haha).
Even now, they still have their own opinion against my hair whenever I tied my hair.
They called me "yakuza" and too gaok lah!..
I am stronger on the outside, but very sensitive in the inner. Hehe
There was once in Sem 4, amiey tried slow talk to me to ikat my rambut.
She told me that she had the same experience like me since her either form 4 or form 5 (i can't remember) Once she tied her hair up, everybody kept themselves silent.
She also told me that don't bother what everybody look on you.
Yeah2.. sometimes she really can make people comfort although she has a strong character in her.
She is very consistent.. I can't compete over her.
Only twice, then this sem I lost. Even this sem she got her dean list, i have to admit... she deserved it. Haha.. It's my own agenda and she is always become my target rival.
This sem I think Has is always my loyal buddy when seating in the 2nd row in the class.
We often being paired together whenever there are assignments given.
And I love to be her pair in group.
Izza always being a gud buddy ever since we were in the same level at Block 2 after my Qaisy & Laila Act.
I often slept at her room and so do her.
She really loves Kamenashi Kazuya.
She is very solehah you know and I salute her for that. She often felt homesick and I share with her whenever joy or sad. She is always a place for me to ngerepak anything that I unsatisfied.
Shemah.. ah this girl I started to get to know her since in Sem 4 because both of us repeated the same subject "MACROECONOMICS".
But in sem 5, I often mistaken that she was in Operation Management and Investment subject due to her error in Sem 4.
I always salute her for being very tough. Sorry syemah for anything that I do might hurt your feelings.. She always remember me and not selfish.
She is very determine in doing her homework and always give 101% in her group coorperation. May Allah bless you my friend.
In sem 5, I think I don't have any conflict with my roomate; Syal. We always together when we starving for food at the end of the semester (final exam). Haha.
We went to DM...
We went to canteen ..
We share movies ..
We online..
This sem also taught me to be discipline (but not so) b'coz I hold the position of biro discipline at my hostel block, but its just the title.
This sem also I get to mixed with the boys in the class.
They were so cheerful and naughty, that makes our learning become more fun.

Let's start with Human Resource and Organisational Behaviour subject.
Our most dedicated lecturer, Puan H.
In HR subject, I seems blurry with the last three topic and I was questioned by her. Gosh! Very nervous at that time. My friends tried to bisik the answer "AWARD"..
Haha.. I just can't pay attention because ntahlah.. maybe the claz too padat like sardin kot.
There were nearly 40peeps in the claz. This subject, I scored B+. Damn! Still irritated with the score because I'm too confident that I could score an A for this subject. Maybe the carrymark drown me away.
However, its dif for OB subject. I enjoy learn the behavior theory; which include ERG theory, MCClelland theory and Path Goal Theory. Really love this subject. I scored an A!! Yea, it made me very happy. (O_o)V Syemah and I like this subject compare to Has. Hehe.

Next, Operation Management. I am not that good in calculation but this subject is interesting. The 1st test I did quite well and I got full mark for it. But slowly, the marks become more lessen and I don't know whats wrong with me. During the final exam, I just do it with the possibility of getting LULUS (the paper was tough!!) It was very unexpected because each of us was hoping for an A for this subject. We did the past years booklet very intensively..
The lecturer seems fine and we even went to his house during his openhouse.
He is from Penang and I didn't miss my chance to tried the Original made of Laksa Penang.
I can say "Nice" but I still adore Laksa Sarawak more.

In Public Relation Subject, we enjoy having relation with Sir K. Aha! Don't get me wrong!
As student-lecturer relation lah! We love to joke around Kak Adda (one of our classmates) who often being paired up with Sir K. Haha. Joking lah kak adda!~
I did my best for my public speaking trial in the class and I got the "cikgu" title by Sir K.
There were always interuption during my speech and I always make jokes to cover the mess.
I had a great time during our Kubah trip like I told you in the previous blog.

Investment subject was really a chaos made by our Dr.C. Owh!
I don't have the right word to say it. It's not good to story you. Haha. Stupid english.
Anyway, this subject I learnt to be independent learner and I always satisfied with my output
for having a good score. Moreover, its calculation and it did not interest me alot.
But, I just did my best to score and it turned out to be
disaster in final. Waargh..

Oh yes, not to mentioned, I had funny experience when taking for my MUET tests. I didn't bought my IC. Luckily my test starts at 11.30. Oh, sgt memalukan at that time. Nge~~

This is what I want to cherish with you readers. And this is so~~ Karina like. :)

P/S: Sorry for the bad english and lousy english that I had written in it because I...... oh, so terrible.
But I'm willing to improve it okay. Da di daaa~~


khairul onggon said...

Ok juak english ktk, english kmk nang berterebaor bak pepeasir di tepi pantei.. giney nak mutitnya owh..

she_mah said...

karina my dear..
u never hurt my feeling. :)
thanks for being my good friend.
xpenah aku ada kawan yang ala2 gaox cam ko towk..ehehe..
ko memang best lah..
harap part 6 tok dapat kumpul banyak2 gik kenangan manis!
luv u..muahh..hahaha

Ada Sya said...

Uit nad! Tsnyum bc yg PR tu..haha