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27 December 2008

My Beloved Nek Atuk

This is my Nek Atuk yang berumur 95 tahun. She is so cute and I care for her.
This is the reason that I don't updating my blog because I slept at her place in kampung.
She loves me when I'm around because I'll break the silence during the day and night.
I feed her and sometimes I help my nek udak, nek chik and nek usu (all women) carry her and change her diapers. She is cute like a baby. I adore her so much. The 1st picture, I asked her to wave her hand at the camera. She is a sporting fellow with her bright smile. This picture was taken during her hand was "kembang" especially on her left side finger due to lack of movement. My Nek Atuk.. I love when the old folks smile because it gave the sincerest smile that no one can give. :)


she_mah said...

good girl..

aleeya jo said...

kak nad sgt baik..haha...
aok mek tgk nenek ktk ya cute juak..;p

Ms.osha said...

nangga nek atuk ktk tok teringat mek ngn dak nenek2 n atok2 mek..=( rindu ngn cdak..bertuah ktk gik ada nek atok...jaga mena2 aa nad..=)