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27 December 2008

Jadual waktu

I got this from Student portal "iCress".

As I draft out the schedule on a piece of paper, I can see that on Wed I have tight schedule.

I am puzzled what on earth that MGT369 room doesn't appear in the list. Haiya~

My schedule is gonna be like this.

Karina's timetable for Sem 6
Monday; MGT369 (10-12), MGT361 (2-4)
Tuesday; MGT362 (10-12) wow, one class only. So seven heaven lah!
Wednesday; MGT369 (8-10), MGT362 (10-12), MKT361 (2-4)
Thursday; MGT361 (10-12).. another one class session only.
Friday; MGT361 (8-10)... again.. this time i can go home earlier.. wow!

I hope this time I can strive for the best to get dean list. Gila... mun dah byk gilak masa, there's no time to waste. Yeah! Go! Go! Karina Go!


Fikri said...

gud lak gud ada sigek paper jak ari selasa? ada jak

khairul onggon said...

Semoga berjaya.. sukses.. sukses.. sukses..

Salam maal hijrah..