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11 October 2008

Too much for next week!!

Ingin ku krepak di sini, next week from Monday til Saturday suma occupied dah masa ku. No free. Sapa2 bercadang mok dating, jumpa, tunang or kahwin... tolong batalkan niat anda. I'm a very busy person. hUHU ~~

Monday - learn new topic "Mechanism of Trading + finish the unfinished INV assgmt.
Tuesday - Quiz HR
Wednesday - Submit INV Oct'06 assgmt + IT lab test
Thursday - PR presentation of Kubah assgmt(remember!! I've mentioned in my previous blog)
Friday - IT Test Chapter 7 and 8 about e-Business and e-Commerce.
Saturday - Program Pembangunan Kepimpinan Pelajar (PPKP)
Sunday - Exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The week after I'm having my MUET, hope that paper would be easy.

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dayangkhaty said...

tedah ngan u....good luck..=)